How to choose the perfect white t-shirt

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The white t-shirt is an icon, one of those undisputed queen basic clothes of every season. It is always a trend of the moment, it never goes out of fashion, and it is among the most used and sold clothing items in the world. Despite being born as a garment purely for casual outfits, today it can become essential to create glamorous and trendy looks. Let’s find out together how to choose the perfect white t-shirt and what are the indispensable models for an exemplary wardrobe.

Difference between “maglietta” and t-shirt

  • The classic white “maglietta” is presented as a unisex model, tending to short sleeves, with a round neckline called “crew neck” and without any type of collar or buttons. It is made of light natural fabrics, typically cotton yarn in stockinette stitch, but it can also be found in mixed and synthetic fabrics as well as with long, three-quarter or colored and patterned sleeves.
  • The white t-shirt born in America is basically the same thing. Characterized by short sleeves, round neck and by the cut of the straight torso which gives it this name for its typical shape reminiscent of a “T”.

All t-shirts look like this and extend to the waist. Over the years and fashions have then developed into multiple variations. The neckline can be V-shaped, boat-shaped, round, heart-shaped and even one-shoulder. They can be oversized or very tight, reach the knees or become micro by discovering the navel.

The t-shirt between past and present

First variants of white t-shirts date back to the nineteenth century and were used expressly as underwear. The US military used it under the uniform and with horizontal stripes characterized the clothing of sailors. They were therefore popular as undergarments or workwear due to their comfort and lack of a collar and buttons. Details considered purely elegant.
To clear them as a contemporary fashion item of clothing we will have to wait until the fifties when famous actors like Marlon Brando and James Dean wore it on the big screen combined with a pair of jeans. To see them colored instead, we had to wait until the end of the seventies, while, to impose them as a creative article, a vehicle of personal expression, it took the eighties.
The white t-shirt has come a long way since then. From being worn as a tank top, it has effectively transformed into a means of expression and communication, both personal and advertising for personal branding.

How to choose the perfect white t-shirt in 4 steps

Come scegliere t-shirt bianca perfetta.

Today the white t-shirt can be worn with everything, anywhere and even in most contexts, but you need to know how to choose the perfect model to buy. In general we all know that it must be of good quality, slim but not too tight, comfortable but not so much that it makes us look like a lot of potatoes. Here, these three basic notions are not enough. When choosing a shirt you need to pay attention to many more details. At least 4.

1. Fabric

The ideal white t-shirt must be mainly thin-textured cotton or at most contain a modest percentage of elastane. Cotton must not be too rigid but fall soft accompanying our shapes.

2. Neck

A neckline with a well-finished edge certainly has a better visual impact than those with a raw cut. Better if not too thick (it should not exceed 1/1.5 cm) and above all ton sur ton. The round and “V” neckline enhance every type of décolleté. They lengthen the figure, lift and attract the gaze on the face. Not recommended only for those with very broad shoulders. In this case, the choker or boat neckline is better.

3. Sleeves

As for the neckline, the edge of the sleeves must also be well finished and ton sur ton. For toned and lean arms, the sleeves cut just below the shoulders or in ruffles are fine as they are in fashion now. If, on the contrary, we have important arms, it is better to opt for a soft sleeve that does not string or choose a longer one. For narrow shoulders, a puffed or structured sleeve is a good solution, while for wide shoulders, three-quarter sleeves.

4. Cut

For those with a slender waist and a flat abdomen, the white t-shirt models with a slim fit are perfect. If, on the other hand, we have to hide a little bacon, a straight cut model is better. As for the length instead we try to stay on the hips or, in the case of very abundant backs, to stretch even further.

8 must-have white t-shirt models

The perfect white t-shirt can be minimal, patterned, with an inscription, a photo, decorated, and above all also low cost. An indispensable piece of every wardrobe, both male and female, it is a symbol of simplicity of casual dressing. Who among us doesn’t have a packed closet? It is the most democratic garment there is. With a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans we are ready in a moment. But you need to have a careful selection. In my opinion, the necessary and indispensable models for each of us are at least 8. Below I have illustrated them with examples taken from the Esprit online shop to which I rely very often also for the purchase of these garments.

8 modelli indispensabili di t-shirt bianca - 8 essential models of white t-shirt.

  1. Classic white t-shirt. Perfect to use as an under jacket, with any model of jeans, but also with a very fashionable skirt.
  2. V-neck. It is all good.
  3. Boat neckline. To be a little more chic and feminine if necessary.
  4. Three-quarter sleeves. maybe for those slightly cooler evenings or those circumstances where the whole exposed arm is not exactly the best.
  5. Long or oversized. For those days when we don’t see each other well or to wear quickly on a pair of leggings for a quick shopping trip rather than taking the kids to school.
  6. Striped. The timeless lines cannot be missing.
  7. With writing. To transmit something of us to the world.
  8. Patterned. Not to get too bored with all this white.

To conclude, I hope this little guide to the perfect white t-shirt, with a selection of Esprit women’s t-shirts, has given some good ideas for a quality online shopping. Not bad for this brand are also their must-have dresses.

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