How to choose your perfect perfume

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The perfume has existed since the time of the ancient Egyptians, you think, from 5000 years ago. Since then, the use of aromatic fragrances for make-up products has been used. Perfume itself is nothing but a mixture of oily substances or, in most cases, of alcohol along with the fragrant ones. But how to choose your perfect perfume? What fragrance can enhance the natural smell of our skin? When we come into perfumery it is far too easy to get lost in so many proposals. Also between perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette and cologne there are differences that it is good to know before proceeding to a purchase rather than another.

Differences between perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette and cologne

The perfume arouses in us sensations and affects the moods, emotions and memories. For this reason it is one of the most powerful accessories available to us. Before you figure out how to choose the right one, however, it’s crucial to know the differences between the various formulations. All this is in the concentration of essential oils. The higher the product, and the more expensive it is, it is persistent and lasting on our skin. The true perfume has a percentage of essence of 20-50%, the eau de parfum 10-15%, the eau de toilette 3-8% while the cologne only 3%. Choose the intensity you prefer but remember that the scent needs to stimulate the senses without overwhelming. The classy woman leaves no aromatic trail behind her but only at her passage.

How to choose the perfect perfume to wear

Come scegliere il profumo perfetto - How to choose the perfect perfume.

Basically the only way to discover our perfect scent is to try so many. The best choice will always be the most personal and instinctive. The scent that can make you feel an emotion is the right one. She will choose you and not the other way around. I understand this I can advise you in three steps as you proceed to find your next favorite perfume.

1. Select the type of fragrance

First, we need to know if we prefer a fragrance with a floral aroma, rather than citrus, oriental or as natural as possible. In this way we can eliminate all other scents by focusing on a specific taste. In the past, you chose a scent and did not abandon it any longer by using it for the rest of your life. Today things have changed a bit. Often the scents we are fond of are often transformed into composition and then change them. Or we are just that we tend to get tired and ask for new ones. That is why I recommend that you get a maximum of three. In case the boredom attacks you or on a special occasion, ask for something else. Three perfumes that talk to you and who you think may be enough.

2. Decide the intensity of the perfume

At this point we have to decide whether we want a perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette or a colony as explained above. Let’s keep in mind that in a routine context a light scent is recommended, while for worldly occasions something better is going to be done. Same thing for the weather. With the heat it is preferable to opt for something lighter and vice versa with the cold.

3. Try the perfume on our skin

We decided the type and the intensity is the time to try it on our skin. Know that we have only three possibilities to taste. After three attempts, our nose is no longer able to perceive other smells at the same time. So do not be in a hurry, take your time and try the other three the next day. In my opinion, it is better to feel them immediately on the skin because depending on our ph the perfume turns. Spray it on your right wrist and do not rub it with the left because this gesture alters the perception of the smell. Finally, wait at least an hour to evaluate the fragrance’s evolution on you and then decide. It must be a scent that will fit you and stimulate you positively every time you hear it.

How to wear your perfect perfume

The points to enhance our perfect perfume just found are always the neck, behind the ears, the wrists, behind the knees and between the breast. Remember to never exceed the intensity of splashes. A maximum of two per share is enough. One more is not tolerable. They also do not cover smells so no, they are not to be used instead of a nice hot bath.

Finally, I would like to point out that unfortunately the scents are not eternal. In the sense, the perceived general scent remains unchanged, but the fragrances themselves tend to flake themselves. Store them in dry, humid and away from sources of heat. So what is your favorite scent? Have you already found it? For now, I continue with Miss Dior, Miss Ferragamo and Chance of Chanel.

Woman's perfume Miss Dior, Signorina Ferragamo and Chance Chanel.

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