How to create a blog: 10 tips for those starting from scratch

by fashionsnobber

Since I opened this web space more and more often I am asked how to create a blog from scratch. Whether it is for simple curiosity, or perhaps because there is real interest in understanding whether to be able to make a profession, open a blog and consequently become a blogger is not just writing posts and sharing them on social media. Requires at least 10 steps to be followed. Each of which is of considerable importance for the success of our project and for putting it online. Every day hundreds of blogs are born, just like every other day. Making it a profession is difficult but not impossible. Perseverance, organization, information, constant training, passion and the right tools are the basis of every job. Blogging is no different.

10 tips to create a professional and long-term successful blog

Come creare un blog partendo da zero - How to create a blog from scratch.

Below I will try to explain as simply as possible, in order to make everyone understand, the 10 fundamental points for those who want to approach the world of blogging. But first, remember that in addition to requiring studied knowledge of SEO, personal branding, web design, storytelling and much more, having a blog and being a blogger must come from a passion. If you start with the idea of making easy money or receiving free merchandise, you are not going anywhere. It takes time, dedication, professionalism and constant study.

1. The idea

You should not decide to create a blog from today to tomorrow. Usually, before proceeding, the project we have in mind took some time to figure out where we want to go. Let’s start with the assumption that whatever we talk about, someone has already written it and to make us notice we will have to do it better. What are our passions? Our studies? What are we good at or what do we do professionally? What do we have to say? All questions to ask ourselves before choosing the topic and the main niche of our online diary. It makes no sense to open a blog if the guiding editorial line about our interests and our capabilities is not clear. Food blogs, travel blogs, fashion blogs, mummy blogs and lifestyle blogs are just a few categories to insert yourself to identify our main content.

2. Name and logo

The name and logo will become the distinctive feature of the blog. They must be inherent to the themes treated so that it is immediately clear what characterizes us but does not exaggerate. Tomorrow the contents could evolve so better something targeted yes, but with a generic touch. I do not recommend names that are too long and difficult to memorize. They must be original, effective and must be thought of carefully.

3. Blogging platform

The choice of the platform on which to create a blog is very important. There are several, but the best ever remain Blogger and WordPress. If you want to start off on the right foot by looking at a possible future profession as a blogger, the second does not fear rivals.

4. Internet domain

The domain is nothing but our internet address to be seen on the web. Free ones are second level usually formed from the name of the blog plus the name of the blogging platform on which we rely. The first level ones are the most professional ones composed only by the name of the blog plus the .it or .com according to our needs.

5. Hosting

The hosting is the internet space on which the blog will be inserted. Choosing a good hosting is essential to create a professional blog avoiding server crashes and greatly improving the loading speed of our web pages. Important aspects in terms of SEO, indexing and not letting the likely visitors escape. We have about 4 seconds to let a reader remain on our pages, if to load we have 10 we already lost them.

6. Template

The template is the theme with the layout and graphics of the blog. There are millions of them to choose from, both free and paid, but obviously the latter give the best guarantees and performance. Here the decision is very subjective and goes to taste. I, for example, prefer simple styles, of clear navigation with no annoying pop-up window that makes me escape immediately. Instead it is essential and mandatory that it be a responsive template adaptable to any technological support.

7. Editorial plan and contents

The editorial plan, especially at the beginning when it is essential to begin to make your blog known, should be very dense. Minimum three posts a week for the first three years. Subsequently they are of the vein few but good compared to those who publish every day “so much for”.

Creating a successful blog is only possible with the preparation of excellent content that is of interest in the long term.

We need to be useful to others because they come to look for us and we need to know what we write by mastering the subject, continuing to study and inform us. Finally, from the arguments of the colleagues it is inspired to do better but DO NOT COPY (search engines see and punish) and regularly publish long and in-depth content will help a lot in indexing.

8. Write SEO

The SEO, in a nutshell, is being able to apply to our blog texts some strategies aimed at improving indexing on search engines. Learning and studying the basics of SEO therefore becomes fundamental in the creation of a blog capable of obtaining free organic traffic by successfully indexing its contents. Title, keywords, links, Meta description, text length and images are just a few points of the article on which SEO is needed.

9. Marketing email

The newsletter is the periodic update on the news to send to our readers. It can also be useful for sending exclusive content designed specifically for those who have kindly given us their email. It must not be invasive, pedantic and fall into spam because losing enrollment is a moment. Subscribers to a mailing list are valuable and should be treated exactly with the same love and dedication with which we opened the blog.

10. Social presence

The most common mistake is to think that social media only serve to share the links of articles published on the blog. In fact, in addition to this, they allow us to create a loyal community capable of bringing authority and quality to our online presence. The audience that can be reached on social media is much more active and effective than what comes to us through search engines. It will also be easier to attract him to our blog if we interact with him establishing a relationship of trust. We use social media to tell us who we are, our life and what we have to say by organizing the publications according to our style and with a tone of voice capable of distinguishing us from others. By staying ourselves and creating/sharing the right content, we will have the opportunity to make our blog known to a growing number of people.

The importance of a broadband internet connection

10 consigli su come aprire un blog - 10 tips on how to open a blog.

Once you’ve learned the basics of creating a professional blog, don’t forget the foundations that make all this possible. Every blog and especially every blogger knows how indispensable it is to have a fast and stable internet line. Maybe even with unlimited phone calls at home, office and in moments of relaxation able to make us watch movies in streaming without continuous interruptions. Living in the open countryside, I know how difficult it is to find the right solution. In this regard, thanks to my husband who works in the sector, I would recommend EOLO, a telecommunications operator that uses radio technology, specializing in bringing high-speed broadband internet to even the most remote areas. In this way, step by step, I was able to create and build Fashion Snobber. Now it’s up to you, don’t stop believing, dreaming and putting your blog online is closer than what you think.

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