How to decorate your home with fresh flowers in pots

by fashionsnobber

If there is one thing that must never be missing in my house, it is flowers. True, fake, drawn, it doesn’t matter but there must be. They immediately give any environment a touch of elegance and when they are fresh they also perfume. This is why today I thought I’d give you some flower design advice on how to decorate your home with fresh flowers trying to keep them in excellent condition as long as possible.

5 tips on how to keep fresh flowers in pots for as long as possible

How to decorate a home with fresh flowers.

The most beautiful bouquets, synonymous with elegance and refinement, are always those with very dense bouquets of fresh flowers, of the same species and monochromatic. You can also mix different types in more colors as long as they are of similar types. However, I recommend limiting yourself to two colors to avoid getting too chaotic.
That said, how do you manage to keep them beautiful and healthy in pots for as long as possible? By following these easy tips I was able to make bouquets of roses and tulips last over a week. The daisies and gerberas even more.

  1. Select only the flowers that are still closed in bud when purchasing. In this way there will be plenty of time for them to open and we will not lose a moment of their flowering.
  2. Fill the jar in which they will be placed with water at room temperature.
  3. Cut the stem of the flowers on the bias without forgetting to do it under running water.
  4. Remove all the leaves that would remain below the water level in the vase.
  5. Add a few small drops of water bleach to the jar to prevent the formation of bacteria or, alternatively, the appropriate nutrients that are often sold together with the bunches.

Obviously, as soon as the floral composition begins to wither it should be thrown away without guilt. Going from chic to shabby is a snap.

How to decorate with flowers every home environment

Not all types of flowers go perfectly with every room and your decor. It is good to know at least broadly not only the meaning of the flowers but also which type and where. Whether they are in cylindrical bouquet vases, or a single flower in a series of identical vases, first we must choose them in order to reflect the style and colors of our homes. As well as placing them in strategic points. Usually near a light source and in that area where we want to attract attention. The choice is up to us as an ornament or centerpiece.
In the kitchen yes to tulips and lilies of the valley, succulents and mixed bouquets (but not too much). In the living room and bedroom the roses are perfect, while in the bathroom orchids and lavender are the top of the tops. To be honest, I put tulips, roses and lavender everywhere but having a purely shabby chic house I think they don’t clash that much from room to room.
And what about you?How do you prefer to furnish your home with flower design?

How to decorate a home with fresh flowers.

Come arredare casa con i fiori freschi.

Come arredare casa con i fiori freschi.

In a house without flowers there is no life, there is no color. I would rather have roses on my table than diamonds around my neck.
(Emma Goldman)

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