How to do blogging from A to Z: guide on what to know

by fashionsnobber

When you open a blog and enter the world of blogging, we give ourselves a thematic location almost immediately. Fashion, travel, food, mom, lifestyle, photo, etc. Maybe over time it can change or evolve but generally you know immediately where you want to go to parry. Every self-respecting blogger based on his sector has terms that characterize him and indispensable things that he cannot and probably should not do without. Putting myself to play with all the letters of the alphabet, this guide on how to do blogging from A to Z is born. To each I associated the first term inherent to the work of blogger that came to my mind analyzing its meaning and giving some small advice.

How to do blogging from A to Z

Come fare blogging dalla A alla Z.

For each letter a characteristic and, perhaps, a piece of advice.


Affection of course. Love and passion for what is being done. For each decision taken rather than another and because this is the feeling capable of making everything move in the right direction.


Brand. The name of the blog or the blogger himself can often become a real brand in addition to leading to a broader process of personal branding. From defining the strengths to the mission to planning a precise marketing strategy.


ContentContent is King! It is the content that commands and makes the difference between one blog and another. The more unique, engaging and original they are, the easier it is to impress users by making them loyal.


Dedication. To manage a blog in complete autonomy it takes a lot. Often it takes much more than 24 hours a day accompanied by a lot, but a lot of patience.


Education. Yes, education and elegance in the ways, in the confrontation, in sharing one’s point of view. What we are talking about is never law and not only criticisms but also different points of view must be accepted.


Feed. Making our readers loyal is the best gift they can give us. It pushes us to never give up and to be able to grow more and more thanks to them.


Google. Intended more as a technical part of a blog in terms of SEO, indexing and keywords. Without paying attention to these factors, being found among the countless online blogs is extremely difficult.


Hallmark. Guarantee mark. In short, our logo. That main feature of our blog that allows us to stand out from the crowd. If we have not found it yet, we must do it immediately and never abandon it.

Tutto quello che c'è da sapere su come fare blogging ed essere blogger.


Instagram. At the moment the most important social network for any blog and related blogger who wants to do good blogging. You can find various usage tips in the post in which I explain the Instagram algorithm and in the one on how hashtags work.


Jingle. Present the advertising jingles with their spiel? Here, every blog should also have its own motto that spams almost everywhere capable of identifying it and making its mission perceived.


Keywords. The fundamental and very important keywords to categorize and identify any online content. They are indispensable to use but, I recommend, that they are always well targeted, inherent to the content and very specific.


Learn. If a blogger does not read, does not document himself, does not study and does not pay attention to the work of others, he remains firm. Firm in his indifference and his work will never grow. To know how to do blogging professionally you need to read beyond the labels of clothes and products to eat.


Media. That is, all multimedia files. From photos to videos uploaded to our online diaries and any social network. They are our image and our business card before words. As such they must always be treated as much as possible. Pay attention to how we throw ourselves online, everything can be screened and run endlessly.


News. Renewal is good for the spirit and the news attracts everyone. Often giving something new will allow our readers to never be bored.


Honesty. Communicating everything honestly (for better or for worse) brings us greater credibility and trust from the web. Omitting it will only pass us off as charlatans.


Professionalism. It is the basis of everything. We must always be professional and never sell out by going out of our principles. Better a “no” more than a “yes” on which we have doubts.

How to do professional blogging and be a professional blogger.


Quotidian. The blog will become but we must try to never totally give up our habits or we will feel suffocated by starting to blogging in the wrong way. The time to devote to him must be organized well and for the rest let us remember to live.


Rank. The blog rank is the first thing we are always asked for when we present it to someone. Let’s not get sick of numbers but let’s not make it worse. A one-year blog is mathematically impossible to reach views of one of 5. We are honest and do not lie by inflating mind-boggling figures when they clearly cannot exist.


Social networks. An active blogger is omnipresent 24 hours a day on every possible and unimaginable social network, knowing well how much and when and what to publish to share exactly. When we go to the bathroom, for example, it is not interesting for anyone.


Target. The target audience we address should never be forgotten. Let’s get to know it right away and pamper it. Such as? By interacting, making him participate and creating contents specially designed for his curiosities, questions, doubts and for his interests.


Humility. Which is not arrogance, superiority or even believing myself to be the influencer of this cabbage. Unfortunately, you don’t learn it but you can learn to get off the pedestal every now and then. That yes.


Volition. The will to put your whole soul into it and never give up even knowing that there will always be some good disappointment.


WordPress. Anyone who wants to give advice on how to do blogging in the correct way will give the right to open their blog on WordPress. The platform deemed best in the world followed closely by Blogspot (Blogger).


X. An X point that we aim for as an arrival as we grow by gaining experience and wanting to reach new goals. Let us never forget it but we must not even make false papers by trampling people just to get there. Everything comes back and sooner or later someone will throw us off the steps just like we did.


You. Yes You. Before anything to know about how to do professional blogging we must understand that the blog is ourselves and not others. It reflects us at 360° and we must never change to please others but remain as we are. Those who don’t like us won’t like us even if we try. Indeed, it is more likely that by upsetting and adapting too much to the flock we will lose readers.


Zombie. Yes, after a day in which we have paid attention to all 25 previous letters we will find ourselves late at night and the next morning we will be zombies.

And nothing, that’s more or less all there is to know about how to do conscious blogging from A to Z.

If you want to learn how to create a blog and manage it in complete autonomy you can read “How to become a blogger and create a successful blog“.

How to do blogging and be a blogger.

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