How to do personal branding by wearing a t-shirt

by fashionsnobber

Edited by: Fiorella Annunziata.
This month we deal with the topic of personal branding and how you can be fashion by wearing a t-shirt feeling super proud and beautiful just like Luna in these photos.

How to do personal branding by showing off your own personalized t-shirt

Before discovering how a personalized T-shirt can be useful for personal branding, let’s analyze together the proposed outfit using fashion psychology. Now more than ever, you can be fashionable and transmit something simply by wearing a white t-shirt.

How to be fashion wearing a white t-shirt

How to do personal branding by wearing a personalized t-shirt.

The outfit is simple: based on only two colors, black & white. It consists of a soft and long skirt plus a white T-shirt with writing. All accompanied with accessories that mention and recall the graphics of the t-shirt, the heart of this look.
Style is indeed essential, but the attitude is super sophisticated and proud. Hands on the hips and dynamic oversized bag carried by the arm, but also over the shoulder or by hand, just to leave the way for the hands to express themselves.
We start from the fact that our Fashion Snobber, in addition to being our favorite blogger, is also a creative spirit. Thanks to the irony and the graphic touch, he has created a collection of t-shirts with personalized prints with a minimal taste and suitable for the most diverse styles. And here also personal branding comes into play.

Aware of my style, but not of your tastes.

Luna writes in some models, but I don’t completely agree. ;)

T-shirts in general are a key element, especially for the next summer looks and are suitable for all tastes and, above all, for all moods! In fact, it is enough to know how to combine them and choose consciously and conscientiously. The white t-shirt is known, it is a garment that never goes out of style. Designer Fashion Snobber then, can only be a must-have.

The white t-shirt by Fashion Snobber

Come fare personal branding indossando una maglietta personalizzata.

If in my article The emotional meaning of colors I talked about how each nuance recalls a mood, I have not yet talked about how the same thing can also happen with the sentences and quotes written on the clothes.
The shirt in the photo reads “I’m Fashion t-shirt” following exactly the brand logo with the characteristic polka dot sheath dress.
The center of the outfit is precisely the writing that not only defines the t-shirt, but also Luna’s attitude. Fashion is not just clothing, but the model herself. Look, movement of the hands, inclined head and games of movement with the skirt.
The polka dot motif of the logo is also recalled by the super girly headband worn in the hair, by the pearls of the rings and by the shoulder strap of the bag. Clear elements that reflect a true fashion addicted.
The general attitude is that of a woman who feels trendy, but also confident in her shoes (perhaps because she created it?), Who plays with the outfit by putting her hands, adorned with rings and with bright red enamel, on her hips .
This last gesture is called Power Posing and is a position that can even be used to increase self-confidence (for more details, the phenomenon is called power posing effect-stay tunnel).
I would recommend wearing this t-shirt to any woman who feels the need to feel… simply fashion! For any other mood, however, I recommend consulting the entire Luna Snobber Tee collection.
Finally, all this also fits perfectly into the practice of how to do personal branding. Choosing to wear your creations is in fact a very effective strategy for the development of the Personal Brand. In this regard, if you also have a brand, you can contact me for a personal branding consultation. I can help you to raise awareness and structure your personal brand.

Spring summer fashion outfit.

Outfit fashion primavera estate.

Outfit primavera estate gonna lunga.

spring summer fashion outfit.

Outfit fashion.

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