How to evaluate a diamond without getting dazzled

by fashionsnobber

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit Thieving Magpie: attracted to all that glitters. After all, Marilyn Monroe said it too, “Diamonds are a woman’s best friend“. Yes, but if the diamond is less than 3 carats it is not true love, I say. This is why I thought it would be useful to address the topic of how to evaluate a diamond and everything you need to know before selling a jewel.

How to evaluate a diamond, quality features called 4C and the Rapaport list

How to evaluate a diamond.

The diamond is the most precious and desired gem in the world and its price is given by specific physical properties. To objectively decree its price, classification and value, it is necessary to refer to quality characteristics recognized worldwide, called 4C. In particular:

  1. Carat, the weight. It is calculated in carats which is the unit of measurement of the stone. One carat corresponds to 0.20 grams.
  2. Clarity, the purity. Internal characteristic of the diamond which corresponds to its clarity. The less impurities it contains, the more it is worth.
  3. Color, the color. The color is an index of its value and can vary from white, synonymous with perfection, to yellow.
  4. Cut, the cut. Judged on smoothness, symmetry and proportions.

Finally, to decide the cost value, we also rely on the international price list of the Diamond Exchange, called the Rapaport price list. It is a worldwide reference standard for everyone, from professionals to simple enthusiasts.

All that is good to know before selling your jewel

Everything you need to know before selling your jewel.

What if we want to sell one of our diamonds?
Certainly, even if it is a good starting point, it is not enough for us to know in our own small way the evaluation criteria of the 4Cs and the market trend with the Rapaport price list. Nor can we rely on the certificate they provided us with the jewel. Perfect ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings what it’s.
It may have been purchased at the wrong price, just as the certificate itself may not be internationally recognized. So there is only one way to be able to act with the highest degree of safety, without running the risk of being mistaken. Relying on qualified expert gemologists capable of correctly evaluating our diamond at the real market price. As in the case of the leading company in Italy Banco Diamanti specialists in valuing a diamond. With their many years of experience in the sector, as well as being always up to date, they are unquestionably the most reliable in the evaluation, certification and withdrawal of diamonds and jewels, both new and used. It is synonymous with guarantee and seriousness not only for us, but also for our most important treasures. And if a diamond is forever, Banco Diamanti is a certainty. Our certainty of authenticity.

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Fashionably Idu 09.06.2017 - 16:49

These are all great tips Luna. I didnt know about the Rapaport list. Thanks for this.


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