7 tips on how to have perfect curly hair

by fashionsnobber

It is now a fact, curly hair will no longer be a problem this year. Apparently they are back in fashion and the more natural they are the better. An autumn winter that promises to be full of thick capricious hair for the joy of all indomitable amberjacks like me. Dynamic and elastic hair that characterizes all those women with wild and rebellious femininity. Or so they say.

Curly hair passion!

Cme imparare a gestire i capelli ricci.

You should know that wavy hair is the most popular among women with a good 65% popularity. They are divided into four different types, namely waves, spiral, afro and ringlets. I don’t know if we have to thank a Rihanna for choosing to go back to her nappy” style or some stylist who has preferred hair style less on the catwalk, but in any case it will be and will be a success. It certainly is for me that since I was a child I have had to struggle with products, plates and the most absurd tutorials to try to keep them at bay and make sense of it. In this regard, I did a good research on the net and I fell in love with some cuts and colors quite in line with my tastes. As an idea for my next hairdresser appointment I’m not bad at all. But, before leaving some nice inspiration and knowing what you would recommend, here are some tips to have healthy curly hair but above all tamed and less rebellious.

7 tips for perfect hair curls

How to have perfect curly hair.

  1. It would be preferable not to cut them when wet because when dry this type of hair has a completely different effect. A good hairdresser should take into account that once dried they shrink and shorten due to the waves.
  2. They should never be washed too often, two, maximum three, times a week is fine. This is because our hair still needs their natural sebum that they produce. Exactly the same speech that is made for the coat of dogs.
  3. Curly hair should be brushed only in the shower and just after having lightly rubbed it with a towel. For the rest, better use your fingers.
  4. Use only specific targeted treatments. Frizz control, hydration, curl definition etc.
  5. Avoid even cuts. They flatten the hairstyle and remove the strong point of our hair, the volume!
  6. Drying them with the diffuser is and always remains the best solution. Helps curls hair to maintain their waviness and natural volume.
  7. Use the plates in moderation. They dehydrate the hair, break it and ruin the elasticity of the curls, increasing the frizz effect. But what do I say to do? They are the oldest stories in the world. A blue-blooded amberjack knows it. ;)

A few more tips on naturally wavy hair

Once you have identified the natural style of our wavy hair, you need to pay attention to how we keep it healthy and strong. By nature curly hair tends to be frizzy becoming less voluminous during dry days. If we want to obtain a soft hair with always perfect curls we must follow a correct hair beauty routine with the right steps to wash them. Finally, the hair-saving hairstyle is definitely that of the half bun which has become cunningly fashionable.

And now, power of curly hair come to me!

Long curly hair.

Short curly hair.

Come prendersi cura dei capelli ricci.

Curly hair.

Capelli ricci taglio corto.

Come avere capelli riccioli perfetti.

Credits: Images found by Pinterest and viewable in “Hair board.

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Idu Emeziem 04.10.2016 - 21:15

Curly hair looks so fab. I see girls rocking it and it just looks so pretty. From what i understand it’s easy to take care of curly too. Hope your week is going great Luna.



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