Blue eyes make-up: how to make up clear eyes

by fashionsnobber

s”… Metallic blue eyes, almost as electric, those eyes that I remember even if I have never seen them…” Exactly, today we are talking about the clear eyes in all their shades of blue. Of their personality and how to make them up to make the most of their look with many ideas and inspirations for a perfect blue eyes make-up to copy immediately.

Clear eyes personality

People with blue eyes are said to be very shy and this leads them to be seen as weak personalities. In reality, like all urban legends, it is not quite so. Indeed, those with light eyes are very strong both character and interior. Often they are also very competitive and sometimes selfish people.
They appear shy, it is true, but this is because for them it is a protection from opening up before having studied well whether it is worth it or not. In fact, they are very reserved and cautious. Rather jealous of their own things but not excessively jealous of their partner. They fall in love easily and blindly trust those they love. It is not always positive but all this characterizes their pure heart and their fundamental positive aura.
That said let’s find out together the best ideas for a blue eyes make-up capable of making them stand out even more.

Blue eyes make-up: best tips and inspirations to avoid mistakes

How make up blue eyes.

I admit it, in terms of perfect make-up I’m not very skilled. For this I will limit myself to giving practical advice for a perfect blue eyes make-up through what I have learned by studying the tips of the experts on the subject. Like, for example, Maybelline, from whom I learned a lot in their tutorial on the most suitable eye shadows for those with blue eyes.
It must be said that clear eyes start with an advantage because they are already very seductive, deep and magnetic in themselves. For this, sometimes a black mascara with a thin line of eyeliner is enough to enhance them. But which colors do you prefer exactly if you have blue eyes and do not want to make up your makeup?

  • Warm and contrasting shades. Blue eyes are highlighted by all shades of brown, gold, bronze and orange.
  • Nuances from purple to burgundy. They go very well and are perfect especially for smokey eyes made with mat eyeshadows.
  • Shades of blue. They go well when they are very contrasting with the color of the iris while they should be avoided if they have the same eye color.

Finally, the shades that would be better avoided for a noteworthy blue eyes make-up are the pastel ones as they tend to turn off the look. If you really can not do without it, a good advice is to apply them while managing to blend them with warm shades. But now I banish and let’s move on to some nice visual inspiration that makes the idea much better than explained above.

Blue eyes makeup.

Trucco occhi azzurri.

Blue eyes makeup best ideas.

Trucco occhi azzurri.

Blue eyes makeup best tips.

Trucco occhi azzurri..

Blue eyes makeup inspirations.

Trucco occhi azzurri.

Blue eyes makeup.

Tutorial come truccare occhi azzurri.

Blue eyes makeup tutorial.

I personally love the smokey eye shaded blue eyes make-up and you? Which style of make-up do you prefer for your eyes?

Credits: These and other ideas on how to make up your eyes can be viewed on the “Make-Up” board on Pinterest.

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