How to organize the bag in 10 quick and easy steps

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A few days ago I asked a friend of mine if she had a pen in her bag to lend me because mine had worn out. He replied that I was looking for it myself, not wanting to go mad in finding it who knows where within that chaos. I opened his bag and beyond an unlikely disorder I found everything inside. So I came up with the idea of writing this article to give some practical advice on how to organize the bag by keeping it tidy and what to bring to the bag according to its size.

In the bag of a woman’s destiny

Come organizzare la propria borsa in 10 step.

That’s right, in a woman’s bag you can find everything. There is always everything you need and most of the time even what you don’t need. However, a lady must try to maintain order not only in her life, but also in the accessory she chooses as her right arm. As stupid as it may seem, organize the bag is very important not only to not waste time “fiddling” looking for that small necessary object that has ended up in the darkest meanders. But being able to keep the most used bags in order will give us the feeling of having everything under control. Don’t forget anything anyway and we will also feel less stressed when we need something. It will have a positive impact on our daily life as a testimony that we are not just the appearance of a beautiful bag.

10 steps to better organize the bag

This foolproof method of organize the bag involves only 10 organizational steps that will change life in our bags.

  1. Empty it completely. Shake it and put it back together.
  2. Divide things into groups of categories. Make up, office, technology, children…
  3. Divide what we use every day (house and car keys, smartphones…) by what not (handkerchiefs, pen, shopping list…).
  4. Eliminate unnecessary junk left inside for an indefinite time (expired mints, Christmas receipt, pacifier of our son who is now 18 years old…).
  5. Stop the loose leaflets with a paper clip or insert them in a notepad. Don’t fill your wallet unnecessarily, he also deserves order.
  6. Study the empty interior of our bag. For example, the pockets he has, finding the right place for everything. What we must always have on hand could be put right there.
  7. Divide the objects of the groups by category of point 2 into sachets. A cosmetic bag for tricks for example. A pen sachet, business cards, post-its and receipts maybe. Another for things of technological use such as phone charger, extra battery and headphones. The transparent sachets are comfortable because they immediately provide their interior at a glance. In this way, moreover, changing bags is also easier and more immediate.
  8. Empty the wallet and put it in order in the same way.
  9. Once finished, try to maintain order and our choice of organization as much as possible. Doing it daily at the end of the day will only take a few minutes, making it a dozen weekly.
  10. We remember that how we decide to organize the bag and how we take care of its interior says a lot about us and our personality.

What do you carry in your bag depending on the model

  • Large bag. For the big bag there are no big problems. Too full and heavy is never a good thing but it allows us to carry everything we need without too many sacrifices.
  • Medium bag. In the medium exchange we have to start selecting the necessary. Wallet, keys, smartphones, sunglasses, handkerchiefs and some make up items. To organize the bag in the best way, if we can reduce the size of each item, it is much better.
  • Small bag. In a mini bag you have to know how to choose and reduce the size of the objects to carry around. A smaller wallet, the case of sunglasses made in a fabric bag and for make up, using samples can be a good solution.
  • Clutch. In the clutch bag nothing enters, often not even the smartphone and force us to select the bare minimum. In place of the wallet, inserting credit cards and money into the Identity Card can be an idea. Or use a credit card holder of the flat ones. Usually a woman who goes to an evening event with a clutch bag always has a man who accompanies her so she can leave the house keys in her car and if she smokes cigarettes she can keep them in her pocket.

Now that you know how to organize the bag, you just have to get down to work, or take a fun fashion test by finding out what your favorite It-Bag says about you.

How to organize the bag.

How to put the bags in order.

What to bring in the bag depending on the model.

Come organizzare la propria borsa in 10 passaggi facili e veloci.

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Gemma 12.07.2016 - 17:46

Great tips and very beautiful bags. Gemma x


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