10 ideas on how to wrap Christmas presents

by fashionsnobber

Know how to wrap Christmas presents is one of the many things I’m definitely not good at. However, I must admit that I am never very satisfied with impersonal gift packages made by stores. So, one way or another, I have to be able to get by on my own. Considering that I am not the only one in the world with little manual skills, I thought it might be useful to share those few tips that have helped me improve in the creation of simple and easy gift packages. Because after all, even if they are actually ripped off and then thrown away in a few minutes, the eye always wants its part and so let’s try not to disappoint it.

5 basic tips to wrap Christmas presents

Before proceeding it is necessary to organize yourself with everything you need on a flat and stable surface. Any type of wrapping paper folds easily. Getting on a bed or sofa is definitely risky for a precise and orderly realization. So let’s get paper, scissors, scotch tape, ribbons, bows, tickets, of course some gifts to wrap, and let’s proceed.

1. Give a regular shape to the gift to pack

When you have little dexterity and poor precision, the simplest solution is to pack Christmas gifts in square or rectangular packages. When the gift has an irregular shape, you can use a box to place it in. Furthermore, if chosen colored or patterned, it can be reused by those who receive it as a container for the home. Alternatively, for Christmas gifts with a too particular shape, it is better to fall on a nice bag to embellish then according to our tastes.

2. No scotch yes biadhesive

Plain scotch tape is undoubtedly the fastest and most comfortable choice to use when we are going to wrap Christmas presents. But I learned that, if we really want to make a good impression with our gift packs, choosing the double-sided adhesive guarantees that elegance and that extra touch. In fact, it is the only one that remains totally invisible.

3. How to pack Christmas gifts

The classic method for to wrap Christmas presents involves some fundamental steps to be followed in this way:

  1. Spread the optimal size sheet of gift paper on a flat surface to hold the gift to be wrapped. Dimensions that must not be excessive but not too precise. Therefore, leave at least an extra margin of 1-2 cm of crease per side.
  2. At this point, place the gift in the center of the sheet, upside down, and fold one of the two sides over the gift, then the other and fix them with tape. In the event that the edge of the paper is badly cut by folding it by 1 cm on itself, we will hide the error.
  3. Let’s move on to the sides. While holding the paper, we fold the top down making it adhere well to the box. Then we fold the side wings inwards and finally the remaining lower part upwards.
  4. Secure with scotch tape and proceed in the same way also with the other side.
  5. Add decorations such as bows or ribbons as colored as you like.

! When to pack Christmas gifts on the sides, the optimal solution would be to start first by folding the side wings inwards and then the top and bottom. Personally, I am so used to it in the other way that this is not good at all, albeit very easy.

4. Ribbon and bow

Here, too, we use the classic and best known method on how to wrap Christmas presents. We pass the ribbon under the gift box and cross the two flaps in the center of the package. Keeping one end of the belt still, let the other end pass perpendicularly under the package and under the intersection. Finally we make a nice tight knot and a bow with large buttonholes that we will cut in the center. We pull the 4 strips of ribbon left over from the bow with a scissor and thus obtain that typical curl that decorates gift packages. Of course, the variations of ribbons and bows are endless. You can use everything giving free rein to the imagination.

5. Gift tags

The last step in to pack Christmas gifts, but no less important than the others, is to insert the ticket, or gift tag, with directions to whom it goes and to whom. Here, too, you can just indulge yourself according to your tastes, but since it’s Christmas time I thought I’d give you a little gift exactly as I did with the paper blog planner. This year I personally created personalized gift cards for myself using the blog logo. I put them at your disposal in PDF to download for free and then print on paper or cards of your choice. To get them just click on the links below.

Free download Christmas cards to pack up presents.

I hope I have been helpful, that you like my little thought for you and here is a selection of the 10 ideas for to wrap Christmas presents that I liked most while browsing the web. After all, when we want to amaze, you can’t get enough inspiration.

Ideas for bundling Christmas presents.

Idee su come impacchettare i regali di Natale.

How to bundle Christmas presents ideas.

Come impacchettare i regali di Natale.

How to bundle Christmas presents ideas.

Come impacchettare i regali di Natale.

How to bundle Christmas presents ideas.

How to bundle Christmas presents ideas.

Come impacchettare i regali di Natale.

Come impacchettare i regali di Natale.

Credits: Images found and viewable on Pinterest and “Christmas” board with many other ideas always updated.

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