How to recognize quality Made in Italy handbags

by fashionsnobber

More and more often when I find myself talking about women’s bags with my friends I realize how accurate a search for handmade products is at the basis of their purchasing choices. Now we know, many brands produce a good deal of the entire product in series and make it handmade by simply adding a couple of details by hand. Being able to recognize real handbags at 100% becomes so rather difficult. That’s why I thought about explaining how to buy a nice Made in Italy handbags without risking any nasty surprises.

How to recognize the true Made In Italy handbags

We start from the assumption, and above all we disown the myth, that price is absolutely no synonym of value or quality. It is not true that handmade handbags have to cost a fortune. In fact, brands that are not yet too famous do not have those big recharges triggered by merchandising operations. That being said, as it may seem absurd, to acknowledge a true handbag, just rely on 3 of our senses. View, touch and smell.

View. A genuine handbag is produced with the highest quality materials that are recognizable to the naked eye. It is almost always true leather and perfectly finished thanks to every stage of hand-made production. To mean each stitch is much more accurate compared to those made with the machines. Moreover, no purse is ever perfectly the same for the same model. The skin is never uniform and any variations in color or nuances are quite normal. Indeed, there must be.

Touch. Skin to the touch has a consistency and a unique and inimitable weight. Trust your hands. A new leather bag is more rigid and weaker, the better it is.

Smell. Since a handbag presents almost always the details in real leather, sniffed. The skin has an unmistakable smell. Immediately deface those with a scent even vaguely similar to plastic.

Where to buy 100% Made in Italy handbags

Obviously, the first recommendation is to go to specialized stores. Better yet to find workshops where the craftsmen themselves have to serve you. But if we were to search them online? I recently discovered a new online store of original Made in Italy handbags that immediately conquered me. Il Bello delle Borse is the perfect online shop for those looking for this type of product. In addition to being a strong personality e-commerce, it offers from the start a wide selection of leather handbags and fabric handbags. All of their models tell a story of artisan tradition, creativity, respect for materials, attention to details and passion for their work embodied in unique collections. If any bag is for everyone, their handbags are unique pieces that can make us feel unique. Just as unique has to be our style that tells us through the most indispensable accessory we need.

Il Bello delle borse artigianali Made in Italy.

Borse artigianali Made in Italy Il Bello delle Borse - Made in Italy handmade handbags.

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