How to renew the wardrobe with 10 low cost clothes

by fashionsnobber

Change of season, closets that are emptied and when we get to fix them with the garments of past years we never seem to have the right garment at the right time. In short, a timely update is urgently needed so as not to find ourselves too old-fashioned. This is why today I show you how to renew the wardrobe with 10 low-cost items selected from one of my favorite brands.

TALLY WEiJL dresses our change of wardrobe season

TALLY WEiJL is a Swiss brand with a history of 35 years. In the world of fast-fashion it is one of the global players with over 900 stores in 39 countries around the world. It is without a doubt my choice of economic online clothing to always keep up with current trends and whenever I need to renew my wardrobe quickly during the change of season. But above all, without damaging my wallet. Their collections are designed to rework all the new fashions worldwide, giving us must-have pieces following the most fashionable trends of the current season. Finding the ideal garment for that perfect outfit based on our personality and style becomes child’s play.

How to renew the wardrobe with style thanks to 10 low cost clothes

To give that extra touch of freshness and renew the wardrobe without giving up on class and good taste, just add those 10 essential clothes to every woman’s wardrobe. Of course, as long as it is in perfect harmony with the latest developments in the fashion world. I assure you, it’s harder said than done, but then I’m sure you’ll find just what you’re looking for. Take note and good shopping at all!

Princess Blue blazer

How to renew the wardrobe with 10 low cost clothes.

One of the most popular seasonal colors is certainly the Princess Blue. More than suitable for being flaunted on a blazer like this with a fitted fit and a long collar.

Light blue bodysuit

TALLY WEiJL blue blouse body.

The bodysuits are back in fashion and then why give it up? This soft blouse with crossed V-neck is perfect and feminine. A real indispensable leader for each of us.

Striped floral shirt

Floral striped shirt outfit idea.

Flowers and inevitable lines also for this spring/summer. Slightly waisted model, chest pockets and a decidedly chic mix & match style.

Tie-Dye sweatshirt

Tie-Dye sweatshirt.

The Tie-Dye effect returns directly from the 90s, giving our garments more determination and color. Perfect on this classic model sweatshirt with round neckline and soft fit.

Midi suede skirt

TALLY WEiJL suede midi skirt.

Midi skirts are a must, to renew the wardrobe this year can not miss a high-waisted suede with bone-effect buttons, a small safari detail that is depopulated on many buttoning.

High waist skinny jeans

Skinny high waist jeans.

Strictly skinny, with a high waist, ripped only on the knees and with an innovative design for a perfect silhouette.

Red pullover

How to renew the wardrobe with 10 low cost clothes.

Slightly destroyed to wink at the trends, impeccable in its red color, braiding, “V” neckline and balloon sleeves.

Khaki pants

Khaki pants outfit.

From the mists of time to renew the wardrobe with taste a khaki trousers cannot fail to arrive in any respectable wardrobe. Elegant and refined in this high-waisted version, straight leg with lapels and belt with buckle.

White t-shirt with equestrian style print

How to renew the wardrobe with 10 low cost clothes.

The equestrian themed baroque prints have invaded a lot of collections. In this case the white t-shirt, must-have for excellence, is able to give us infinite possibilities of style. Excellent this classic cut solution with short sleeves and round neckline.

Animalier dress

Animalier chemisier dress.

Finally, one cannot fail to renew the wardrobe with an animal print dress that is reconfirmed for the coming seasons. We choose the snake print to escape from the leopard routine, let’s combine it with a chemisier pattern and voilà! Les jeux sont fait!

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