How to securely shopping with the sales

by fashionsnobber

Shopping with the sales time throughout Italy. Until August, there will be more or less appealing discounts not only on the web but also in the shops in our areas. And how to be able to shop in full serenity without taking the risk of getting rid of it? Here’s some simple tips to put into practice for our cheaper shopping.

Make shopping with the sales

According to Confcommercio this year, every family will spend about 230 euros in clothing and footwear in balance with an average ticket that will be around 67 euros per person. For affordable shopping lovers at least twice a year, hunting for good business becomes a must-have. Almost like fashion week for fashion enthusiasts. But whatever our budget is and our experience in the matter, we are never totally protected unless we pay attention to some small straight lines.

7 tips to make securely shopping with the sales

Come fare shopping con i saldi - How to shopping with the sales.

1. First, it is crucial to have the courage to compare the original price with the new one soldered. You should remember how much it cost the item at full price and check if in the bout period the figure has fallen. If this is not correct, you must immediately report it to the Municipal Police or who is responsible.

2. The original price, the discount rate and the final price must be mandatory on each item in the balance.

3. Pay close attention to the article itself. Check it out and try it out. If you find out later that is not good, not all dealers offer the option of changing discounted purchases. In case you ask for confirmation and within how long you can make the change.

4. Keep the receipt. Worth as a guarantee and without this many stores will not make a change. Most are discolored over time so it is good to have a photocopy even if in principle you have 30 days for refunds.

5. If you notice a seasoned and seasoned boss who is not in balance ask for it as ever and make it known to those who owe it. All articles of the current season can be discounted by law.

6. Finds stores where you pay with credit cards during the period of the sale, or are not accepted, or ask for the bonuses. Well, be aware that any shop with this type of payment agreement will normally have to accept it at no additional cost or other faders telling you.

7. Finally, often, during the period of the sales, we tend to take our hand with the risk of making unnecessary purchases taken from the “little cost“. Try to keep calm and really appreciate whether that item is a real deal but above all if you want it, you really like it, you will use it or you will need it/it’s missing.

By following these few and practical tips I’m sure your shopping with the sales will be worth the scum. And now tell me, what do you plan to buy at this time?

Come fare shopping con i saldi - How to shopping with the sales.

Come fare shopping con i saldi - How to shopping with the sales.

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Fashionably Idu 31.07.2017 - 20:50

I find faded receipts very annoying. Great idea to make copies!


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