10 rules on how to survive the fashion week

by fashionsnobber

Milan fashion week has officially begun. The most anticipated and internationally renowned Italian women’s fashion event. Organized twice a year by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, Milano Moda Donna is to all intents and purposes the preferred period, not only by professionals and more or less established fashion bloggers, but also by all fashion lovers in general. After having seen together the 5 things to know about fashion week, it’s time to find out how to survive the fashion week without going crazy. Such as? I tell you with my heart in my hand. It’s impossible. Get over it. But there are some little tips I can give to get to the end of the week at least as survivors.

10 survival rules on how to survive the fashion week

How to survive the fashion week.

  1. Technology always loaded and at hand. For fashion week, smartphones and cameras become our best and only friends. Ditto the secondary support batteries because we will already need them for lunch. All this is the bare minimum in order to be promptly on the piece and collect all the necessary material.
  2. Well thought out organization plan. Carefully select fashion shows and presentations that we cannot miss. By brand name, address and in order of time. Don’t panic, for the fashion shows they always wait for the end of the previous one, so there is time to move. For events, on the other hand, I recommend attending a maximum of two in the evening or you risk arriving at the time when everything is already finished or has yet to begin.
  3. Dress appropriately. Avoid wearing outfits where we show off all the latest trends together. They photograph us, yes, but we will certainly not be remembered for class and good taste. We need to enhance our personal style and play with original details and accessories as much as possible.
  4. Comfortable shoes, do not wear heels. At fashion week, people walk like never before because the means of transport are unapproachable. If you need a high shoe, it is better to bring a comfortable change with you for long journeys.
  5. Don’t cross your legs. For those who participate in the front row in the fashion shows it must become a mantra. Being photographed by photographers because our legs come out on the catwalk is certainly not pleasant.
  6. Don’t make negative judgments. Remember that even if we did not like the work of a brand we must make a false statement or we will never be considered by that brand again. If we are in difficulty, we focus on a detail that we liked and enhance it.
  7. Avoid traveling by public transport and at the peak times of the various events. Penalty to stay on the ground or find yourself crushed in the crowd. Booking a taxi promptly the day before for the next one is best.
  8. Water and food on the stock exchange. The “I can’t see anymore from hunger” is always lurking. If there are no buffets nearby on which to sling, it is better to leave foresight as soon as you leave the house or the hotel.
  9. To smile. In theory we are running from one part of the city to the other because we need fashion week for work. Let’s smile! There are too many fake pouting faces convinced that they are the center of the world and we have all the “zebedees” full. You can’t get enough of beautiful smiles and good humor.
  10. Don’t attend fashion week. That’s right, you read that right. Do you really want to be safe from all of this? Avoid it and if you can just stay away. Mental health, physical, intelligence and above all our good taste will remain unaffected.

That said, good luck. Whether you decide to attend fashion week or not.

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