How to tie sneakers shoes in many different ways

by fashionsnobber

Sneakers, trainers and tennis shoes, have recently become my best friends. I do not know if they tolerated sore feet due to high heels or practicality combined with comfort have become my mantra as I got older. The fact is that I am filling up with sneakers as if there was no tomorrow and I discovered many different ways on how to tie shoes.

Sneakers, the more we have the more we wear

The sneakers were originally designed specifically for physical and sports activities. After the Second World War, however, they characterized and were worn only by proletarians and poor people. Entering daily clothing in the 70s have become a real fashion phenomenon. Today they primarily characterize a casual look and have been cleared by wearing them with any garment. From pants to skirts, short or long and even under wedding dresses. Not to mention under men’s suits. There are no rules to respect, sneakers are worn with everything and often they are the ones who give importance and character to our whole look. In the street style they are the masters and therefore if you want to know how and when to wear sneakers you better ask yourself why not wear them?

The sneakers are the shoes sold in the world

Well yes, apparently the most influential sneakers beat even the most desired stilettos of Louboutin, Caovilla and Blahnik. Nike, Adidas and Puma are the brands that stay on top year after year. Obviously followed by Vans, Converse, Superga and so on. With their characteristic rubberized sole and an increasingly original upper capable of satisfying the needs and tastes of every inhabitant of the earth, they are the best-selling type of shoes on the face of the earth. Italy included. Here are some of my favorite fashion models.

Fashion shoes, Gucci, Minna Parikka, Sophia Webster and Isabel Marant.

Nike, Air Max, Roshe One e Classic Cortez.

Adidas Original, Stan Smith, Gazelle and Superstar.

Converse All Star Chuck Taylor.

How to make a bow to shoes

I don’t think there is a need because it is one of the first things we teach as children but before finding out how to tie sneakers shoes in many different ways it is essential to also know how to make a bow with strings. The most common and known methods are mainly two and you find them illustrated in the tutorials below.

Method 1:

How to make a bow to shoes.

Method 2:

How to make a bow to shoes.

How to tie sneakers shoes in a different way

Out of habit, most of us have the strings connected to “X” or in the Classic way with which we find them at the time of purchase. But do you know that we can tie shoes by customizing the lacing of strings in a lot of other ways? On the net there are really many tutorials about it. So here are some nice ideas to start from to make our sneakers even cooler. I immediately run to change them all, perhaps by tomorrow I will have finished, but I will certainly have made them even more original. What are you waiting for?

How to tie sneakers shoes in 8 different ways.

24 modi diversi per allacciare le scarpe.

How to tie sneakers shoes.

My favorite sneakers laces? I love the high Converse with the train track as I wore in the outfit with camel coat, the Vans Old Skool with the military and the Superstar with the reticle.

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