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I had already mentioned this topic in my past post on “How Instagram works: all the tricks and best tips“. Unfortunately, however, I have noticed that many still continue to make mistakes in the use of Instagram hashtags, thinking they are used to form sentences. #Typeso #or #so. This is why I decided to dedicate an entire post to these nice words preceded by the hash symbol (#).

What are hashtags

It is an English term made up of hash which literally means “mess” and tag which means “label“.
Basically they are one or more words preceded by the hash symbol, all strictly written attached. They are used to collect the photos that we publish on Instagram within categories. Just like on Twitter, Facebook and TikTok. Instagram hashtags therefore make the published contents traceable and visible in the long term by users who will use these particular labels in their searches on the social network. Furthermore, accents, apostrophes and symbols are not recognized as such and are therefore to be avoided.
Finally, we must remember that they have nothing to do with “tagging” friends or brands. For that, the at sign (@) must be used before the name of the specific account.

How to use Hashtags on Instagram

First you need to know that on Instagram up to a maximum of 30 per photo are allowed. They must therefore be well selected and reasoned. Using them in English is definitely the best solution. This way you reach a much wider audience. Our photos will be disseminated internationally. Extremely popular ones like #fashion #photooftheday #love and the like aren’t always good. Having a number greater than a hundred thousand images it is true they are the most viewed, but our photo remains for a few seconds on the home screen of the category. Using less popular but more specific Instagram hashtags will stay longer. Thus allowing us a greater number of views and therefore the possibility of new likes and followers.

How to invent new Instagram hashtags

Given the real low visibility granted to our photos using ultra popular ones, more and more users are resorting to the creation of new hashtags. In this way they create new category and sector niches in which they can emerge. They manage to get noticed a little more. But how can you invent new ones? The main features to describe a photo are to identify:

  • category
  • location
  • season
  • feeling/emotion
  • event
  • product
  • life

By combining this relevant data with each other, countless variations for new Instagram hashtags can be created. Here are some simple practical examples to help understand the concept.

Examples to find new hashtags

  • Category + Localization -> Ex. #beautyMilan #fashionMilan #foodMilan #lifestyleMilan #travelMilan.
  • Category + Season -> Ex. #beautyspring #fashionspring #foodspring #lifestylespring #travelspring.
  • Category + Emotion -> Eg. #beautylove #fashionlove #foodlove #lifestylelove #travellove.
  • Category + Event -> Eg. #fashionshow #foodrecipe #travelreportage.
  • Category + Product -> Eg #beautymakeup #fashiondress #foodcake #travellandscape.
  • Category + Life -> Eg. #beautylife #fashionlife #foodlife #travellife.
  • Localization + Sentiment -> Ex. #Milanlove.
  • Season + Location -> Es. #SpringMilan.
  • Season + Product -> Eg #springdress.
  • Season + Emotion -> Ex. #springlove.
  • Product + Feeling -> Eg #dresslove.
  • Product + Life -> Eg #dresslife.
  • Event + Localization -> Eg #fashionshowMilan.
  • Event + Sentiment -> Ex. #fashionshowlove.
  • And so on … Use your imagination but never go out of describing the subject of the photo.

Finally, a final suggestion is to create a base of Instagram hashtags identifying our sector in the notes of our smartphone. In this way, with a quick copy and paste we will not have to spend time rewriting them from scratch. I hope all this could have been useful in order to improve your social visibility. Unfortunately, the Instagram algorithm is no longer so cooperative. Following is a handy infographic to keep handy for when you run out of ideas.

How to create new hashtags.

! When you throw yourself on social networks do not think only of hashtags but remember the netiquette and the right time to publish.

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