How to use the mocha + cocoa and cinnamon coffee recipe

by fashionsnobber

We assume that I am not a cooking expert. Having said that, however, I also have some little tips and some tasty recipes to share to get out of the monotony of a flavor when maybe you want to change a little. Recently I shared on Instagram stories my recipe on how to make cocoa and cinnamon coffee. Having met with great success, I decided to publish it also here on the blog to let it be tried by those who had lost it.

5 tips on how to make a good coffee with the mocha

Before proceeding with the preparation of cocoa and cinnamon coffee, it is necessary to know that there is a whole world to discover behind the creation of this drink. Being a great drinker, I am always ready to experiment and learn everything there is to know about how to properly make coffee with the mocha. Not everyone is aware of these simple tips capable of making a difference in the success or otherwise of our best homemade espresso.

  1. The water inserted in the mocha boiler must remain under the safety valve.
  2. The coffee in the filter should be leveled by giving it side taps and without making mounds. It should therefore not be balanced by tapping with a teaspoon as usual.
  3. When the moka pot is on the stove, the lid of the collector should be left open throughout the cooking.
  4. The flame of the stove must never go out from the edges of the moka pot.
  5. The coffee should be removed from the heat just before the mocha starts to mumble. If you have a special thermometer when the coffee reaches a temperature around 80 ° it is the perfect time to serve it.

Obviously I was not born an expert. I thank SpecialtyPal sector expert Valentina who is teaching me a lot on this topic by advising all coffee lovers to follow her for further tips and many interesting recipes.

Cocoa and cinnamon coffee recipe

Ricetta caffè cacao e cannella - Cocoa and cinnamon coffee recipe.

How we drink coffee says a lot about us and our personality. Always taking it bitter and often along this cocoa and cinnamon spiced coffee recipe is based on my habits. But also proven by those who prefer it sugary and shorter confirmed that it remains very good. So if you have the habit of drinking sweetened coffee, no problem, just add it as usual.


Coffee cups


Spiced coffee recipe.

Ground coffee
Cocoa powder
Ground cinnamon


  • Fill the moka boiler, staying immediately below the safety valve, with water at room temperature.
  • In a small bowl add the ground coffee, 1 or 2 teaspoons of cocoa and cinnamon in equal parts, mixing everything well.
  • Insert the “mixture” obtained in the mocha filter.
  • Close the mocha.
  • Place the moka pot on the stove leaving the lid open.
  • Light the fire so that the flame stays within the limits of the moka pot.
  • Wait for the coffee to start to come out and remove it from the heat as soon as it begins to make the first mutter.
  • Pour into the cups and serve the cocoa and cinnamon coffee.

Extra tip: For a perfect cocoa and cinnamon coffee, pay close attention to the dose of cinnamon, if you overdo the flavor of the cocoa it is canceled. Finally, always remember that…

Coffee is drunk hot, comfortable and in company.

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