Straw bag: the timeless trend of summer

by fashionsnobber

They offer it to us every summer as a trend of the moment but in reality the straw bag has never gone out of fashion. For years it has been one of those essential models of bags that during the summer. Whether it is shopper, handbag, mini bag or basket, these typical woven bags, often by hand, characterize the best looks mainly in seaside resorts. The only novelty, perhaps, is the recent customs clearance as a city bag. In fact, it is no coincidence that they are now seen everywhere even in street style outfits from which taking inspiration is not such a bad idea.

A 50-year-old fashion trend

In summer I think it is the very concept of the bag that changes in our minds. It does not matter if we are really on vacation or not, we want something fresh, light, often also colorful. Able in some way to make us feel free from the chores of winter. From Forte dei Marmi, to Capri or Saint Tropez, as well as in every holiday resort, you can see the straw bag in any material, color and shape in the hands of every woman with a minimum of eye for fashion yes, but without giving up that timeless good taste.
The best to buy? No, not those of the big brands, but those made by hand and found in characteristic shops and markets of the coolest villages.
And do you know who was the first woman to use a straw basket in the life of all groups? Just her, the French actress Jane Birkin, creator together with Hermés of the iconic bag that bears her name. It was the 1970s and since then, as now, the straw bag has never seen dark moments. It does not need to be trendy, it has always been an essential summer must have.

Jane Birkin and straw basket.

Jane Birkin e cestino di paglia.

How to wear a straw bag

Knowing how to match the straw bag may be necessary for all those who certainly do not want to give up the right accessory at the right time. There is not much to say, they match with everything and based on your outfit you just need to be careful to choose the right size. Obviously with an evening look a huge shopper in a purely beach style does not suit at all.
Having said that, however, there is a fundamental rule that should not be underestimated. Remember that they are only allowed from the end of May to the end of September. Banned in mountain resorts and during cold seasons. As with everything we must be able to have the right vision of use and context.
Finally, whether you prefer it small, large, round (the most popular this year), square, rigid, soft, colored, or with leather inserts and even pom poms, use it without fear.
But now, as always, stop chattering and let us be visually inspired by a small selection of the best looks on how to wear the straw bag. Which model do you prefer?

Basket straw bag.

Straw bag and floral long dress.

Come indossare la borsa di paglia.

Borsa di paglia e jeans - Straw bag and jeans.

Borsa di paglia abito lungo e sneakers.

Borsa di paglia e maxi dress - Straw bag and maxi dress outfit inspirations.

Come indossare la borsa di paglia in città.

Straw bags inspired outfit.

Borsa di paglia, camicia, gonna e sneakers.

Borsa di paglia e jeans - How to wear a straw bag with jeans.

Come indossare la borsa di paglia in città con pantaloni e sneakers.

How to wear a straw bag with a polka dot dress.

Borsa di paglia e abito fantasia.

How to wear a straw bag with a total black look.

How to wear a straw bag with a total white look.

How to wear a straw bag with a red dress.

Come indossare la borsa di paglia in città.

How to wear a straw bag on vacation.

How to wear the outfit-inspired straw bag.

How to wear a straw bag.

Come indossare una borsa di paglia in città.

How to wear a straw shopper.

Look idea how to wear the straw bag.

Credits: Images found on Pinterest and viewable on the “Spring Summer my style” board.

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