How to wear a suit to face quarantine

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Edited by: Fiorella Annunziata.
In these days of quarantine, sometimes it seems to us already so much to be able to alternate wear a suit to pajamas. We are experiencing a really complicated period. It is no longer a choice to call us on a cell phone to look for a smile and see our loved ones. Instagram stories are no longer a pastime and the hectic routine that alternated between home and work has vanished. Staying home is the only thing we can and must do to defeat the invisible enemy of the CoronaVirus.

Coronavirus and quarantine

Everyone is experiencing these days with their own frailties, but there is certainly one thing that unites us all: awareness.
Accustomed to progress, super-technology and total freedom to choose how and where to spend their time, the CoronaVirus is a handbrake pulled while it is at 3,000 per hour.
And, like any sudden braking, you are probably forced to change direction, after recovering for a moment from the “recoil” (can you say this word on a blog?).
Now we are still in the adjustment phase, the one in which your head flaps you back and forth on the car seat (to return to the similarity).
Every day is characterized by emotional ups and downs. If one day you wake up and decide to get ready, dress and make up just like “everything was normal”, another day you decide to wear a suit at random or even stay in your pajamas having lunch with milk and Pan di Stelle (borrowed from a true story ).
However, we can help ourselves to be helped, indeed, we have a moral and social obligation. Loving, loving each other and making your support felt both to ourselves and to the people we love, can make the difference.

Fashion Therapy: because it is okay to wear a suit during the quarantine

Come indossare una tuta per stare in casa durante la quarantena.

Choosing what to wear means communicating something to ourselves and to others.
In my opinion, however, the question is not just what to choose and why, but to decide to do it. I’ll explain.
Usually I choose what to wear based on the situations I face. For example, for a meeting in a very formal setting I opt for a monochromatic look and avoid noisy accessories, or, if I have to speak in public, I always try to wear a red detail that can keep the attention high.
Luna, in these photos, has decided to wear a suit with a soft red blazer thus interpreting her quarantine.
It is found in the garden only because it is with its dog and its outfit is clearly sporty chic, but the attitude that derives from it is not absolutely relaxed or sloppy, on the contrary.
The red jacket is the armor needed to “shield” and be able to close the doors not only at home, but to the CoronaVirus itself.
Sweatpants are suitable for lying on the sofa, taking your dog out and kicking the quarantine.
The reference to red helps us to feel alive, despite everything. I won’t be the one saying to get dressed and dressed every morning, but I absolutely recommend that everyone take those minutes to change (and not just clothes). To choose to wear other than pajamas. To be aware that we are awake and that we are only facing a period that will see us better than before.
#Westayathome, we love and love each other, #everythingwillbefine.

How to wear a suit.

Outfit sporty chic.

How to wear a suit.

Come indossare una tuta per un look sporty chic.

How to wear a suit to walk the dog.

Come indossare una tuta per portare fuori il cane.

Did I intrigue you with this fashion psychology analysis of how Luna decided to wear a suit for her quarantine? Come and discover my blog where you will find several articles with tips and guides of Fashion Therapy. I wait for you!

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