Outfit inspirations: How to wear a trench coat

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The trench coat is one of those indispensable and above all timeless outerwear that should absolutely never be missing in any wardrobe both for women and men. It never goes out of fashion is always in trend during the mid-seasons and you can customize it by wearing it in different ways. For all these good reasons, today we will discover together how to wear the trench coat so that we never get tired.

The Trench coat is Burberry

The trench-coat, literally “trench tunic” was born as a men’s overcoat or raincoat derived from that of the British army worn during the First World War. Just think it was a Burberry model with a double shoulder, straps at the wrists and neck, an abundant collar and a belt that already at the time many were tying and off without taking into account the buckle. This also explains why when it comes to a real trench coat and the first purchase is recommended, this garment must be strictly Burberry.
Recommended medium length and beige color after which you can indulge yourself. For example, besides the classic Burberry, I have an oversized and a pink one both by Ralph Lauren.
Returning to the historical part, obviously it was only after the war that it became fashionable, also conquering the female audience.
Let’s now see how to recognize an original Burberry and how to wear the trench coat correctly.

How to wear a raincoat.

How it is made and how to recognize an original Burberry

As with any self-respecting timeless garment over the years, the models have evolved according to the demands of fashion and following the trends of the moment. For this you can find different types of Burberry trench coats and it often becomes necessary to be sure that it is an original model.
Obviously, buying it in an official store of the brand does not pose any problem but what if a unique and beautiful piece happens to us in a vintage market or in an outlet store of various brands? The first thing to do is definitely to check if inside there is the large fabric label sewn to the lining bearing the logo and the words “Burberry London”.
Once this is done, we need to start checking the inevitable traditional details that make this brand’s trench coat unique:

  • Gabardine fabric.
  • Cotton check with Vintage check tartan pattern.
  • Tartan collar.
  • Neck with hook closure.
  • Shoulder pads.
  • Rainproof coat.
  • Windbreak flap.
  • Double-breasted closure.
  • Buttons in buffalo horn.
  • Belt with “D” rings.
  • Buckles in calf leather.
  • Threaded pockets with button.
  • Cuffs with strap.
  • Wedge back vent.

How to recognize an original Burberry trench coat.

How to wear a trench coat in many different ways

Basically I don’t think there is a universal correct way to wear the trench coat. It is so much a versatile outerwear suitable for both elegant and casual looks that it manages to embrace any personal and fashion style. From bon ton to preppy style. You can give it more character by wearing it with the collar and sleeves raised or by customizing the fastening of the belt, both front and back, as illustrated in this tutorial on how to wear a belt in 16 different ways. Furthermore, some models allow a double type of lacing. As you can see in the photo below the classic one and a more refined one to show off depending on your outfit.

How to wear a Burberry trench coat in 2 different ways.

Having said this, to understand how to wear the trench coat in the right way, all that remains is to be directly inspired by the most beautiful looks by finding our style key. Let’s prevent it from becoming a boring garment already seen and revised in all sauces. And you? What trench coat are you in?

How to tie a coat belt in many different ways.

How to tie a coat belt bow.

How to tie a coat belt in many different ways.

How to wear a short raincoat.

Casual chic outfit.

How to wear a long raincoat.

How to wear a trench coat.

How to wear a trench coat.

How to customize the sleeves of a raincoat.

How to wear a trench coat in an elegant way.

How to wear a trench coat.

How to wear a trench coat.

How to wear a raincoat in an original and different way.

How to wear a trench coat.

How to wear a raincoat.

How to wear a trench coat.

Credits: Outfit-inspired images found on Pinterest and viewable on the fashion boards of my profile.

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