How to wear the animalier, 25 ideas to look all to copy

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The animalier print, or spotted, is a stylistic trend in vogue more or less strongly from the ’40s. It goes and returns as if there were no tomorrow, even though on the catwalk it is always present in every season. Above all for the Roberto Cavalli brand which has made it one of its strong points. That said, however, we must understand that it is a double edged sword and should be known to bring. In fact, while everywhere they tell us that the animal total-look this year goes strong in vulgarity and in bad taste it is a moment. Let’s see together how to wear the animalier with style always being chic and classy beyond the trends imposed by the fashion system.

How to wear the animalier

The animalier is a fabric, or fur, printed with one of the various patterns that reproduce the design of the coat of animals. Tiger, python, leopard, zebra and tortoise pull out the Jane in us. How to integrate them in our best outfits? Assuming that the exotic animal, or beast whatever, should be appeased with sober heads and should not be absolutely frightened with noisy colors. So go ahead to tame it in a look using it only as a detail given by the accessories. Shoes, bags, scarves and scarves, but also glasses and hats. As for clothing items, the easiest and wisest choice is to wear it by choosing one piece. Blazer, skirt, trousers, shirt or overcoat, as long as the basic line is as simple as possible to accompany then according to our style. Already thinks of the imagination alone to be noticed is not necessary to weigh it with ruffles, embroidery, transparencies etc. In case of long or short dress, wear it with balanced but always classy clothes. In practice, an animal head should be considered as if it were the strong point of our look around which the basics of our closet run. I know, it seems easier said than done but the inspirations below will help you understand what I mean.

How NOT to wear the animalier

I do not want the fashion bloggers who dress following the a priori fashions just to get noticed but the total look animalier is a punch in the eye. Very rare times, not to say in particular cases where you really have style, you can make it classy. Moreover, it would be good and right not to combine an animal outfit with equally spotted accessories.

How not to wear the animalier.

25 animalier look ideas to copy

Now let’s move on to the best animalier outfits from which to take a free cue to bring out the roar that is in us.

Outfit animalier.

Animalier outfit.

Casual look animalier.

How to wear the animalier.

How to wear the animalier blazer.

How to wear the animalier coat.

How to wear the animalier pants.

How to wear the animalier skirt.

Animalier coat outfit.

Animalier skirt look.

Animalier pants outfit.

Animalier scarf look.

Animalier shirt outfit.

Animalier look idea.

Animalier boots outfit.

Animalier top look.

Animalier outfit idea.

Animalier skirt outfit.

Animalier shoes look idea.

Animalier look.

Animalier chic outfit.

Animalier shirt outfit.

Animalier coat casual outfit.

Animalier skirt outfit.

Animalier boots outfit idea.

Credits: Images found on Pinterest and viewable on the “Fashion Inspirations” board.

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