5 tips on how to wear (or not wear) fishnet stockings

by fashionsnobber

It’s a matter of fact, the trend of fishnet stockings is literally getting out of hand. Among those who hosannas and who condemns them do not understand anything of what is, or is not, the most appropriate way to wear them. Therefore, despite did not want to talk about having a very rigid point of view I still decided to do it.

The fishnet stockings

This type of tights, characterized by a weft of threads open to form a series of diamond shapes that resemble a fishing net, is certainly not an invention today. They made their first appearance in flesh-colored hue in the 50s and then became, in black, in the 80s, a sign of transgression. From there, in fact, they have remained in the collective mindset symbol of vulgarity.
Now, personally I do not think more is as a discourse of vulgar or not vulgar. We know them all that if you wear in certain situations and with certain leaders of these are not only vulgar but also worse. Like any trend is to the individual good taste of a woman understand how, when, where, and if you can wear them. Certainly, the fact remains that have style and class does not involve follow every trend that is launched by proposing to force as much as, perhaps, the not consider it at all.

Trend fishnet stockings

I assume that I do not like and have never liked. But, like any non-news that is fished out and turned into trend, before deciding which side to be I always do a good research. Study any opinion, perspective and inspiration but in the end, I found too many discordant. What is or is not exactly the right way on how to wear the fishnet stockings with knowledge of the cause remains a mystery. So finally I got my opinion. But first, I want to clarify that I know to be a great style woman. For this reason I definitely want to allow me to lay down the law in this regard. I simply tried to get me to enjoy a little more than trying to open my mind old school so you can tell how, in my opinion, are acceptable or not in an outfit.

5 tips on how to wear the fishnet stockings

1. Fishnet stockings must be worn exclusively if you really like whatever the trend of the moment. If in the past you were already regulars at these tights and if you do feel at ease. Strive is worse. You see, and the result is bad.
2. Boater models small mesh size, are noticed less and are much easier to make it less vulgar and provocative.
3. Substantially not serve to give a damn. Do not take hot and not embellish any leg. Attracting much attention become only the undisputed protagonists of the whole look. Then match them with sobriety. They can serve to make a basic modern dress, a maxi skirt pull or minimal at best. No imaginatively leaders. No under any kind of pants or jeans. No with tulle skirts, pleated or sequins.
4. By choosing to wear and being the protagonists at this point must be made to see. Then at length skirts just above the knee up but I recommend that they are simple models. It also provided the skirts in denim look is purely urban and street style.
5. Wear them with only closed shoes and never with sandals or open toe.

Fishnet stockings yes or not?

In conclusion I ask you kindly to leave all the oddities fashionistas who invented limited to photos of Vogue services. Until proven otherwise you live in reality, not on the pages of a magazine. And yes, technically you also say you want to set a good example. Well, then you start to be honest because they exclude many really go around tanned as they throw the net. And I do not want too feminists and curvy but convinced from 48 up have the good sense to avoid the fishnets. Salami like eating it does not see him walk down the street. As I always say tastes are so many pleasant taste but good to see it is one. Forgive me if you can, with this trend have failed to compromise as I thought but I prefer to be honest. I do not accept them even as short sock. And no, I’m just no hope.

Idea outfit: How to wear fishnet stockings.

5 consigli su come indossare le calze a rete - 5 tips how to wear fishnet stockings.

Tendenza calze a rete come indossarle - How to wear fishnet stockings

Come indossare le calze a rete - How to wear fishnet stockings.

Consigli per indossare le calze a rete - How to wear fishnet stockings.

Come indossare le calze a rete - How to wear fishnet stockings.

Come indossare le calze a rete - How to wear fishnet stockings.

Credits: Images found on Pinterest in “Like” board.

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