Style tips: how to wear high waist trousers

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It is one of the fashion trends of the last few years that most helps our silhouette and is truly perfect for every occasion. The high waist trousers are impeccable both for casual outfits, such as with t-shirts and sneakers, and for more elegant looks with blazers, shirts and heels. But how can we wear them in the best way by understanding also which model we can no longer do without? Below we will find out all there is to know about high waist pants.

High waist trousers

Extremely popular from the 1970s to the early 1990s, in the 2000s they had almost disappeared, leaving the low-waisted ones to master. The latter, let’s face it, far from being friends of female physicists capable of making those unsightly rolls appear even to those who had none. Fortunately these days high waist trousers have rediscovered a new dimension. Mainly distinguished by their raised waist up to about just above the navel, they are available in all existing pant models, meeting every taste and personal style.

To whom are they well

The high waist trousers look good on almost everyone and help us look slimmer. How is it possible? Simply because their line comes to the rescue at every aspect. Proportion, natural curves stand out and the figure slender. Without forgetting that they contain hips and tummy, also enhancing the waist. Obviously for each model there are more or less indicated types of physics. However, remembering to harmonize the proportions by balancing the upper and lower parts of the body becomes difficult. To find the right model the best advice is to try them all until, looking in the mirror, we will not see ourselves beautiful. The search for the perfect pants requires time and above all awareness of our body.

How to wear high-waisted pants

Basically, especially those in denim and skinny, you can wear them with anything. Only on the basis of some model must one keep in mind some combination precautions. For example, those with wide and palace lines should be worn strictly with T-shirts or shirts softly tucked into the pants. Never with something wide and long carried out because they would visually enlarge the figure. We leave the common place thinking that by dressing ourselves totally oversize, we hide more. On the contrary, it is necessary to enhance the strong points in order to channel the attention there by eliminating the defects. That said let’s go on to find out which are the evergreen models of high waist trousers.

5 must-have models

Recently I have transformed my way of shopping by looking for shops that, in addition to a great shopping experience, enrich me with new ideas and concepts. Able to anticipate customer requests while keeping up with the times. In this regard, I would like to recommend and publicize the philosophy of the ZOetLo concept stores. In their 3 Venetian stores, and on the homonymous website, there is a wide range of men’s and women’s fashion and trend clothing, with sought-after and international brands often with limited edition items. They have totally conquered me by selecting 5 must-have high waist trousers that we should all have in our wardrobe. Their fashion proposal is definitely in line with every customer’s taste capable of enhancing their style and personality.

Denim pants

Denim high waist trousers.

The high-waisted denim trousers are known, a passepartout. Perfect for every woman and style, it lends itself to being combined with everything we want. From street style we take inspiration from wearing it with an oversized cardigan, a t-shirt left half in and half out, ending with a nice pair of sneakers. For a more casual chic outfit, instead, just replace coat and shoes with a blazer and a heeled shoe.

Trousers with pleats

Pantaloni a vita alta con pinces.

High waist trousers with pleats are a clever medium between casual and elegant. With essential lines and a soft and comfortable fit for the upper part, they can be easily combined with anything unless it is too wide and long. In this case it must be reimbursed during the life. The difference is made by shoes, sneakers for casual and more sporty looks, décolleté or sandals with minimal design for more elegant outfits or to give a dandy touch to men’s lace-ups.

Culotte trousers

Pantaloni culotte.

High-waisted culotte trousers are among my favorites. Certainly not suitable for a small stature but a practicality out of the ordinary. This model also prefers sweaters and shirts that are not too long or that are slipped softly into the trousers but still lends itself very well to different types of looks depending on our style. Personally I love them with blazers, t-shirts and sneakers for everyday life.

Palazzo trousers

How to wear high waist trousers.

Palazzo high waist trousers are the best choice, both for very thin women who want to show a slightly more shapely look, and for those with flesh that on the contrary prefer to hide legs that are not exactly tapered. In both cases, however, they are also a perfect trick to make the figure soar, enhancing the waist. In winter, to be immediately chic, it is enough to wear them with a thin turtleneck tucked into the waist and choose them in neutral shades or those that recall the mother earth. While in the summer the light goes ahead for patterns and light fabrics that can make us feel free and fresh. The central line models immediately give that extra touch of elegance to the whole look.

Skinny trousers

Skinny high waist trousers.

The high-waisted skinny pants are nothing more than a more tight-fitting version of the classic cigarette model. The undisputed must-haves of the last few years always make it possible to bring out one’s silhouette as long as it is well proportioned. For teenagers they are suitable to be worn with crop tops or short sweaters, from the age of 25 onwards it is better to begin to cover the belly and at the most to reveal two fingers of the bust opting for perhaps more sophisticated but not less glamorous outfits.

Good shopping for everyone!

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