How to wear jewelry: 10 rules to avoid mistakes

by fashionsnobber

Jewelry. Ornamental objects worn by a person to embellish, enrich or enhance an outfit. At one time they must have been precious. But, thanks to style icons such as Coco Chanel and Jacqueline Kennedy (her unforgettable triple strand of pearls was a bijoux, of pearls, but cultured), this custom was cleared through customs. This is how the costume jewelery capable of keeping up impeccably with the most precious and prestigious jewelery was launched. For the rest you know. “Not all that glitters is gold”, but how to wear jewelry without making a mistake? Let’s find out together following 10 simple tips.

Sobriety and personality above all

Come indossare i gioielli: 10 regole per non sbagliare.


Of course. Dear my Osannartic ladies of complete sets. It is no longer used to show off in a single look a matching brooch, bracelet and ring. Or necklace, earrings and bracelet. It only takes one, unique, important to make us look elegant and classy. Or maybe, given the latest trends, we can fall back on the choice of wear jewelry with a beautiful set of different bracelets. You can mix now. Much easier and within everyone’s reach. And yes, we can also mix real jewelry and costume jewelery as long as it is made with taste and personality. However, if we fill our wrists with bracelets we must not enrich the fingers with rings too much. Conversely, if we wear an important ring or several models, such as to fill each finger, it is better to leave the wrists free. We must find the right visual balance. Too much throttle, always and in any case, I will never stop reiterating it.

10 rules on how to wear jewelry

Come indossare I gioielli - How to wear jewelry.


  1. The jewels are not worn on the beach. They are of no use and it is not at all nice to see the white mark left on the tanned skin when they are removed. Plus they can be ruined.
  2. White gold is more suitable for the evening while yellow gold is also good for the day.
  3. Jewels are not worn at funerals. They are events during which pure sobriety is most indicated.
  4. Pearls are not given away without returning a coin. A bit like with wallets. In this way the superstition in which narri bring tears is dispelled.
  5. When receiving guests never wear jewelry important. The bon ton is clear in this regard, you have to be less presentable than the guests in order not to make them uncomfortable or make them feel out of place.
  6. The perfume should be sprayed a few minutes before wearing to avoid oxidizing or ruining. Never while you are already wearing it.
  7. Long necklaces are better if we are tall. Never underestimate the optical proportions, they also have their importance with jewelry.
  8. The pins should be placed on the left to avoid collimating and creating friction with the shoulder strap of the bag.
  9. The watch, however jewel it may be, on informal evenings a woman must not wear it at all.
  10. Brides can only wear earrings, a choker (preferably made of pearls) and an engagement ring on the right ring finger. Nothing else.

Choose to wear a jewel that talks about us

10 tips on how to wear jewelry without making a mistake


In conclusion, to wear jewelry in the best way we must remember that they must be able to give us light, illuminate and enhance us. They absolutely must not hide or steal the scene behind us from their excessive sparkle. That said let’s indulge ourselves as we believe and give that extra touch to our look by following the style that best represents us with the jewel we prefer. Let’s make him talk about us, perhaps through a subject or symbol that reflects us. I personally love everything that has to do with feathers, dandelions, moons and stars. I am less attracted to alone and crosses. You instead? What jewel, real or fake, can you not do without? What is your favorite subject? Wedding rings and engagement rings obviously not covered.

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