Fashion tips: how to wear leggings the right way

by fashionsnobber

The dear and old fuseaux so popular during the eighties and nineties in recent times have regained popularity and new voice as leggings. Super comfortable and practical garment capable of being combined in many ways but with which to end up in the trash, highlighting our physical defects, it is also all too easy. For this it is necessary to understand well how to wear leggings without making mistakes. Not wearing them, perhaps, would be even better.

Fuseaux or leggings?

Probably the new generations do not know anything about it but today’s leggings are nothing but the fuseaux (fuseau or fusò) of yesterday. Tight and very tapered stretch pants. Often equipped with an elastic that passes under the sole of the foot to keep them well stretched. The first designer to design them was Emilio Pucci in the 60s with a silk model. It was Audrey Hepburn who made them famous.
Later they found their space as sportswear especially in dance and skiing. To see them become popular in women’s casual fashion, however, we will have to wait until the 90s. Not everyone knows that in reality the leggings were leather gaiters made with a single piece of leather and by attaching them to the belt they covered all or part of the leg. They were widely used by those who went on horseback. Since the early 2000s, someone decided that leggings would be called leggings.

How to wear leggings

Although they are a convenient item especially when you are in a hurry or do not want elaborate outfits, just wearing them on the fly with something over it, technically it should be sufficient to realize that:

Leggings are not trousers

Anyone who says otherwise is just spreading a beautiful and good fashion lie. Nor are they stockings, tights or underwear. They are a middle ground garment, basic cloth for everyday casual outfits and to wear leggings without falling into bad taste you simply need to follow these 4 practical precautions.

  1. They must be opaque: Any type of transparency is banned, skin and briefs must not be glimpsed. Neither does our excessive water retention. Otherwise it would be pantyhose wouldn’t it? And no, they don’t replace those either.
  2. They must not be worn with any type of socks: Stockings of any kind are not allowed when wearing leggings. Bare foot and bare leg underneath. Point.
  3. The bottom must be covered: As mentioned before, leggings are not pants. If you want to show your butt in an appropriate, fine and classy way, you have to wear something else.
  4. Do not pull them too high: By perfectly tracing every curve and imperfection we risk highlighting the shape of the intimate parts. Let’s avoid it like the plague.

How to match leggings

The best and most suitable combination for all women is certainly to wear black leggings with an oversized pullover in winter or with a long cotton t-shirt in summer. As shoes you can easily opt for sneakers, ankle boots, ballet flats and yes, even heels as long as they do not have the plateau that is too “mistress” next door. If we are curvy women we opt for dark solid colors (they slim) avoiding patterned leggings and those in shiny fabrics because they highlight the defects of the legs and accentuate the volumes. On the contrary, if we are long-limbed women with legs on the verge of perfection we can dare with trendy patterns and fabrics, remembering however to combine them with something sober at the top and that however strictly covers the lower back.

How NOT to wear leggings

To avoid further doubts and try to clarify, here are some clear examples of how to be careful not to wear leggings ever.

Leggings are not pants.

How not to wear leggings.

Leggings always show the truth.

Short leggings

Short note on how to wear the worst leggings of the moment, short three-quarter leggings. If unfortunately, taken from a compulsive purchase because they are fashionable, they are present in the closet, we remind you to wear them only and exclusively in the gym or in any case during a sport. Otherwise they are simply to be avoided and forget even just having seen them around. They do not give to anyone, they shorten the figure and obviously cutting off the leg with a clean cut we say goodbye to every possibility of harmonious and well proportioned silhouette.

At this point we proceed with a selection of how to wear leggings correctly. If we are uncertain about what to do, just copy one of the following outfit inspirations equally and we will not be wrong.

Come indossare i leggings con felpa.

How to wear leggings with plaid shirt.

How to wear leggings with a denim shirt.

Come indossare i leggings con stile.

Come indossare i leggings.

Leggings outfit.

Leggings outfit inspiration.

Come indossare fuseaux.

Come indossare fuseaux chiari.

Come indossare fuseaux neri.

Outfit leggings neri.

Come indossare fuseaux grigi.

Outfit fuseaux pelle.

Come indossare i leggings con cardigan.

Credits: Images found on Pinterest and viewable on the boards of my personal profile.

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