Tell me how to wear the bag and tell you who you are

by fashionsnobber

Let’s come back with a light and funny personality test from a psychology book. After having seen those on color, luxury brand, favorite shoes and bag models, let’s see how you wear the bag what it says more about you, about me and about us women in general.

How to wear the bag tells you who you are and the style that represents you

Wear your handbag

Portare la borsa a mano.

If you usually wear the bag as a hand, holding it by the handles, know that this is an indication of a strong and determined personality. Determination and security of whether they characterize a woman aware of her style. Whatever it is is not afraid to show it and take it very seriously. A woman is also a little showcasing, if we want. In fact, with the oscillation of the hand in walking converges the looks on the accessory almost as if it were a trophy. An unconscious desire to draw attention to its role, not just working out.

Wear your shoulder bag

Wear your shoulder bag.

Maintaining the shoulder bag denotes a practical and multitasking personality. Hands must be free and the handbag close by, ready to provide what you need. A woman free but perennially in a hurry. Or late-minded… From the versatile style that varies according to mood but always focuses on comfort. It is indispensable to her freedom of movement and she is very careful in completing perfectly duties and appointments without forgetting anything. You just have to remember that the mistake is human and a postponement to tomorrow is more than just granted.

Wear your shoulder bag

Indossare la borsa a tracolla.

If you wear the shoulder bag it is typical of a solar and active woman who, however, feels the weight of her responsibilities very much. It is no coincidence that in this case convenience and practicality are first of all. Featuring a youthful and fashionable style, she is a woman full of interest and desire to do. Always very busy does not stop for a moment and loves to face life with the smile on his lips. But do not overdo it too, even the longest week does not miss the appointment with his day of relaxation.

Wear the bag on the forearm

Wear the bag on the forearm.

Bringing the bag on the forearm in the elbow of the elbow marks a woman aware of her superiority and power. A woman who holds a lot to give a winning picture of whether she is cautious about people’s prejudices. As a queen does not need to use both arms because she knows who to delegate. With a sophisticated and modern style, there is no fear of appearing and being noticed. From the high air it can be easily disliked but in reality it is very unselfish and it is done in four to help the people to whom it wants. In short, a world to discover far from what it wants to make.

Wear bags under your arm like a baguette

Indossare la borsa sotto il braccio.

Bringing any type of bag under your arm like a baguette is the index of a pragmatic personality. A woman who loves to go straight to the bargain without losing too much to hypothetical theoretical theories. Practical and practical his style never out of place but suitable for any occasion makes it a reassuring and trustworthy woman. Standing on the ground may help to prevent some disappointment and make it seem to have everything under control but life is unpredictable and only dreamers learn to fly.

And if you wear the bag from the front or from the back, what more does it tell us?

Wearing them worn on the front, they reveal a personality that is also shy and insecure. A cautious woman who is very defensive and does not trust others. Use the bag almost as a shield, as if you want to protect yourself. While wearing them worn on the back adds a nuance of independence and carelessness. After all, we have much more important things to think about. The bag can cover our shoulders.

Now it’s your turn, how do you wear the one you use the most? I shoulder and front, I must admit. If I don’t have my hands free after a while I sclero. One thing is certain, whatever the way we carry it, let’s remember that the bag must always be kept well organized and in order.

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