Outfit: how to wear the cardigan in mid-seasons

by fashionsnobber

Autumn. Longing for warmth and comfort to shelter from the first colds. A cardigan is what it takes. In the collective imagination it is the ideal cloth to sit comfortably at home. Not very sexy and little glam with a “grandma” effect just outside the door. Maybe, but knowing how to use it instead of any topcoat can become a real passepartout. Lately having become one of the most fashionable fashion trends, we discover together how to wear the cardigan outside the home.

How to wear the cardigan by combining it in the best way

When we talk about cardigans we generally mean a wool jacket, low-V-shaped with or without front buttoning, round sleeves and often with horizontal inner pockets cut like a thread. The name of this cloth has noble origins as it was given by a general, seventh count of Cardigan. It seems it was customary to use it in its moments of relaxation. However, it will be Coco Chanel and a knitwear center located in an island of the same name off the Welsh coast that will succeed.

How to wear a cardigan? In practice it replaces the blazer making the look less formal. Long oversize ones can instead replace coats. Being a very versatile cloth, it lends itself very well to being combined with anything. It is not uncommon to see it worn with the classic pants and t-shirt outfit but it is also good with long or short dresses or with skirts and shirts. There are no rules to respect, just take into account the proportions without creating too many clothing with the various lengths of the garments and if it is fancy. The fancy cardigan becomes the protagonist and must be worn with a look with plain colors and simple garments. Finally, if you have a thin waist, it may be a good idea to put a belt on it in order to enhance our strength.

Come indossare il cadigan - How to wear the cardigan.

Outfit come indossare il cardigan - How to wear the cardigan.

Outfit: story of a young woman in cardigan and flower dress at the station

Once upon a time, in a semi-forgotten Tuscan station, a young woman waited in vain for her train to arrive for years, climbing over others and getting off at the next stops. Convinced of knowing how to wear a cardigan but tired of waiting, she decided to go it alone taking her life in hand. With courage she threw herself into a world often far from her way of seeing things but with the conviction of being able to revolutionize it in her own way.

Cardigan golf and floral dress outfit.

Without losing her zest for life and playing with anything in front of her, she interacted with this location. First by looking far away to see if a train arrived. Then testing his balance on the tracks and taking away the whim of trying to do like the American Indians. Listen to the vibrations by placing your ear on the iron to see if there was an imminent danger coming. Finally, it moved towards a tomorrow still full of questions but with the desire to make it despite everything.

Cardigan and floral dress outfit.

In this outfit adventure on how to wear the cardigan was worn: River Island floral dress, H&M oversized cardigan, Lemaré inner wedge boots, Calzedonia socks, Asos hat and Michael Kors shopper bag.

Cardigan and floral dress outfit details.

From Bolgheri station for today it’s all, I hope this autumnal look on how to wear the cardigan is liked and I look forward to the next outfit.

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Danielle 11.11.2015 - 16:26

Such a cute look and I really love these pictures!!! Love the hat!


editalozovska 10.11.2015 - 20:44

You look truly lovely – awesome outfit!

Sahra 10.11.2015 - 17:45

what a fun look!

XO Sahra
Que Sera Sahra

Carine 10.11.2015 - 12:42

What a great, versatile outfit! Love the cardigan!
Fashion Soup

Anett 09.11.2015 - 18:18

Questo abitino è delizioso, adoro la fantasia floreale!

Bella Pummarola


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