How to work online if companies knew who you are

by fashionsnobber

I’m not an influencer nor a VIP. In practice I am nobody. Only a very common independent blogger who writes for the sheer pleasure of doing it. In my spare time I would add, without great expectations and without fear of appearing for who I am. I simply like to tell the truth about what I think. Without filters and compromises trying to remain as consistent as possible. It is what readers expect, it is what characterizes me and I have not started a blog to raise money at the expense of my ideals. For this reason, I think the time has come to reveal how to work online with companies, PR and press offices often only leads to diminishing one’s online work. Issues that everyone thinks but it is not known why few have the courage to put on black and white trying to change the system.

How to work online: open letter to the companies (PR and press offices)

Dear companies,
I am writing to you like this, funny and meaningless, just to try to explain a few things about how work online with you could definitely improve.
When I accept a sponsorship on the blog it is because the product or I already know it, I like it, or I see its potential in case it is new. It is inherent in my lifestyle and my passions. If I refuse, on the other hand, I would like my choice to be respected without subsequent emails in which you also get angry. I don’t work for you, I’m an independent blogger and I don’t have to accept anyone.
When I receive a collaboration I expect professionalism.
As indeed you demand it from me. I expect you really know who you write to or in any case have any idea of ​​the person you are addressing.
Too bad this happens once in 100.
I have an internet space where I speak mainly of fashion, it’s true, but of a certain type of fashion and I think it’s clear.
I don’t follow fashion with current trends at all and I’m not a girl looking for an identity. I will never wear unimaginable plateaus, shorts with an outside butt or transparencies that are out of place. I have a certain and as such must be respected. Just read two lines to understand that no, I don’t even wear myself naked or in skimpy poses. If anything I do the fool on purpose. Just as I don’t start promoting food. I hate cooking, I am denied, and offering me biscuits, candies or various food makes me think you don’t know what I am doing.

How do I work online?

Each article is personally written by me, if it’s a guest post it is still passed through my hands with appropriate modifications. It is foolproof not to notice.
Asking me for a copy paste of press releases or articles written by anyone who is already starting, makes you, once again, an email sent at random.
You ask me for a cost and what I guarantee. I reply that I write no less than 450 words, with good SEO, social shares, where possible photos taken by me plus guarantee that for a minimum of three years the blog will not be closed leaving the article perfectly indexed. I also know that thousands of euros are shot at you to write two lines. Sorry, it seems ridiculous to me to give 1,000 and pass euros for 450 words. I’m sorry, I have respect, I don’t like teasing and lies. We know very well how long it takes to write an article on an already established topic. So, perhaps, you are wrong by giving them with your eyes closed creating differences in height. In this, sorry again, I understand very well the professional journalists reluctant to this sector. I believe it is right to inform you that for an entire article on an important newspaper, a maximum of € 75.00 to € 500.00 is given.
And here the classic statement of bloggers starts to cleanse the conscience from the last shot much higher:


True. But in fact there is no unique price list for such a web service. Somewhere you have to take a cue. And being similar to a journalist’s job, I don’t see why not refer from there. In addition, the writer does not have a guarantee of visits to the blog. Most of the time, random numbers and invented media kits are given. For those who know it, you know very well that 50,000 monthly visits cannot correspond to 10,000 individual users, don’t they? If about 20,000 visits already bring about 10,000 … As long as you don’t turn the blog alone…
On the other hand, however, you can not even demand that a sponsored post on a good blog (good blog intended from 30,000 monthly page views upwards) can be worth only 30-50 euros if, for example, a tool like SEOZoom, estimates the value traffic over 1,000 euros. To online work well and with respectful collaboration, you must necessarily find the right balance of value. And this is achieved only if there is seriousness and professionalism on both sides.

Instagram and social networks, real influencer or fissured companies?

On social media what to say? Flowers of money are paid on Instagram for a photo taken in two seconds which, of course, after 3 hours has already gone by the wayside.
Wow, that profile has millions and passes followers! That is, the world sees it!
Well no. Have you ever checked if those numbers are true? Simply scroll through the finger in an account’s “follower” list. Open some at random and see how fake it is.
But that’s okay with you. And we would miss it. The money is yours or the brands that have hired you, free to throw it away as you see fit.
In the end, however, I don’t know if it is the marketing agencies that make fun of them or the jugs who believe in them. Personally I would be pissed off if I had to spend convinced of something and then actually pay nothing. But the world is beautiful because it is varied. Italy is the country of corruption, making fun of it and the least meritocratic of all. But it certainly is because at the top there are incompetents who do not control, do not inform and trust at random.

Every blogger has a price for his online job

As it should be. Not intended as a figure but more as a compromise to come down. Each of us is free to always choose the image he wants to give. Take the shortest, easiest, or most consistent path with yourself. Many times they asked me what my price was in case I wanted to work harder. And I know it would all come together in reaching a 38 and undressing me. So I finally decided to do it. And now I have a question for companies. Since I gave in, I approved and got naked and open legs publicly, will my followers increase? Will I be contacted with the right interest to work online? Posterity will judge.

Come lavorare online avendo il culo di Chiara Ferragni.

Per lavorare online bisogna mettersi nude.

Come diventare influencer col fisico di Chiara Ferragni.

Dear companies, why write all this?

Because if anyone ever deigns to read my umpteenth rant, this useless letter that will not change the world, at least I would like that at the next email you know well what to propose and do not make me waste time in polite and diplomatic answers in which I have to understand that the request, as well as being out of place, is unacceptable for the blog in question. Because if more attention was paid to blogs with attached bloggers and to which professional figure they cover to work on the web, perhaps in addition to work online, the controversies that have been going on for years would have stopped. They are boring, sad and lead to nothing and, perhaps, whoever lies would stop doing it and probably become even more honest.
Thanks for your kind attention, I hereby take this opportunity to extend you

Firma Luna.

Credits: I thank Belen Rodriguez and Chiara Ferragni for kindly lending me their millionaire physicists synonymous with guaranteed online work. Bon for you and if you have a Chanel 2.55 left, give it to me.

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Idu Emeziem 09.11.2016 - 21:02

Very articulate article. Very true too. Great read.


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