How and when to publish on social networks

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Every self-respecting blogger must also take into account his presence on social networks. How and when to publish on social media is therefore a question to be addressed and kept in mind if we want our content not to be lost in the ether. What is the best time to publish on a particular social network? How many minimum posts do we have to share per day? If you have also asked yourself this type of question, here’s what I discovered between one search and another by personally testing the various days, times and quantities.

How and especially when to publish on social

How and when to publish on social networks.

Before addressing the 5 main social networks that a blogger cannot and must not do without, I want to clarify a couple of things.
First of all, our personal target audience should never be forgotten. Surely he has a specific age which involves certain times and days of online presence. For example, an adolescent target cannot have the same hours as those who have a blog aimed at mothers.
Second, every social network works differently. Creating content for a social network and spamming it at the same time on all the others thinking of doing it first is not a wise choice. There is a risk of not giving it the right visibility and not enhancing it in the right way at the right time.
Having said that, let’s see in detail one by one how much and when to publish on social media.

Facebook page

On your Facebook page it is advisable not to post too frequently. One page fans tend to get frustrated and bored when they get too much news all at once. Facebook is also a social that requires high value and low publication volume. That is, it prefers well-presented content with good images, but in small quantities. Minimum 3 posts per week. Maximum 3 posts a day, far from each other. For a maximum total of about twenty publications per week. I therefore recommend the average of one per day.
The best days to post on Facebook are Thursday and Friday, while the time that tends to bring more shares and interactions is the early afternoon time slot from 13:00 to 15:00.
Bad moments before 8:00 in the morning and in the evening after 20:00.


Instagram is another social network with a high value and low volume of publications. So yes to publish little but that they are perfect and impactful photos. Share a minimum of 1 photo per day and a maximum of 3 photos per day far apart from each other. I suggest one photo per day.
It is a constant and always very active type of social media so every day is good but the most relevant peaks are obtained on Mondays with interesting results also on Thursday. The hours are all positive as long as they are out of business hours.


Pinterest is a high-value and high-volume publication social network. So share quality images and in large quantities. Minimum 3-5 items per day, maximum 30 per day. I suggest the average of about ten.
The best day is Saturday with particular attention to Friday in the fashion sector. Being a social network widely used abroad, it is necessary to keep in mind the various time zones and in fact the best time is the one that goes from 20:00 to 23:00.


TikTok has forcefully entered the world of social networks, immediately beating the competition, raging among the millennials and the new generations. It is a social network with a high value and medium volume of publications. The contents must therefore be exceptional, well done and capable of winning over the public. The more original and engaging they are, the more success will be guaranteed. It must be borne in mind that TikTok takes on average from 24 / 48h to realize our publication so you have to give it the necessary time to process the data. Minimum 2 videos per day to be divided into one in the morning and one in the evening. Again I suggest an average of one publication per day.
The best days can only be determined by the analysis of our target because they tend to be all good, while the times are ok early in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening from 19.00 to 23.00. It has a young target let’s move according to its habits.


Finally, Twitter is a social network with a low value and high volume of publications. That is, the contents does not matter if they are impeccable but they must be many. So a minimum of 3-5 tweets per day and a maximum of 30 tweets per day. I recommend a dozen a day so as not to overwhelm our followers.
The best days are weekdays from Monday to Friday. Specific data for Wednesday are interesting. Best time is from 12:00 to 18:00 but if we are used to live tweeting of trashy programs and many followers follow us for those too, we get good results in the evening after dinner.

To conclude, if it suits you, I have prepared an infographic with the main details on how much and when to publish on social networks. I hope I have given you some tips on the subject and that the power of publishing / sharing is with us.

Infographic how and when to post on social.

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