How you choose to make Christmas tree says who you are

by fashionsnobber

While science tells us that anyone who decorates the Christmas tree well in advance is a happy person, I thought I’d interpret your personality depending on how you decide to decorate it. The Christmas atmosphere par excellence puts you in a good mood and is able to remove the worries of everyday life for a while, but what can it tell more about us depending on how we bring it home? Let’s find out together how you choose to make the Christmas tree what it tells us more about our style and personality.

Tell me how you choose to make the Christmas tree and I’ll tell you who you are

Traditional Christmas tree

Personality test: Find out what you are like if you choose to make a traditional Christmas tree.

If you choose to make the Christmas tree with the classic Christmas colors, always well matched and often in perfect harmony with the style of your home, you are a woman proud of her origins, roots and traditions. You love welcoming environments and you are a perfect hostess characterized by scrupulous attention to detail. You plan everything with method and organization, leaving nothing to chance. Always at the height of the situation, you prefer a classic and timeless style far from the trends of the moment.

Bright Christmas tree

Albero natalizio solo luci.

The Christmas tree made up of only strings of lights is the typical choice of those with a sensitive and thoughtful soul. Aware and proud of her values, you are a woman who doesn’t need to appear to be. Tendentially reserved, you prefer a low profile style rather than praising who you are, what you do, what you have or who you love. Your world and your inner wealth are enough and advance to fascinate anyone but only you decide who to show them to.

Monochrome Christmas tree

Monochrome Christmas tree.

Decorating the Christmas tree with a single color and/or a single type of decorations indicates a strong, solitary and very independent personality. But you are also a tremendously indecisive woman who tends to accept little the possibility of making mistakes so, when in doubt, better opt for easier and less risky choices. Not inclined to ask for help, you prefer to solve your problems, or unexpected events, alone but at the same time you have a great generosity that leads you more to give than to receive.

Minimal Christmas tree

Minimal Christmas tree.

Those who choose to make the Christmas tree with a minimal style or with few decorations are generally enthusiastic about their life who pays little attention to appearances. With a determined and tenacious temperament, you know your goals well, where you want to go and get straight to the point. Elegant in your essentiality you are a concrete, practical and pragmatic woman. With your feet firmly on the ground you rely only on the reality of things, leaving little room for unfounded thoughts or theories.

Shabby chic Christmas tree

Shabby Chic Christmas tree.

Deciding to make the Christmas tree with a shabby chic style is a sign of a passionate and romantic person. In love with love, live life as if you were in one of your favorite movies or books. You are a woman with an idealistic and positive soul who loves daydreaming and always manages to find good in everything. You don’t like being the center of attention but you still know how to get noticed and stand out for your skills. Polite, calm and kind, you prefer a bon ton style with references to other times.

Alternative Christmas tree

Personality test: find out who you are if you decide to make an original and alternative Christmas tree.

Be it in wood, plastic or cardboard. Hanging upside down, made of books, shoes or whatever you can think of it doesn’t matter. The choice of making an alternative Christmas tree is typical of those with an artistic and creative soul. You are an outgoing and original person who loves to dare by going outside the box. Your glamorous and fashionable style leads you to always experiment with new things without ever getting bored. Curious and very talented in managing and solving problems, unexpected events are nothing more than a challenge for you to overcome.

Christmas tree a bit of everything

Albero di Natale alla di tutto un pò.

Making a Christmas tree with colored lights, balls of all shapes, colors and sizes is characteristic of a confused person but also a sensitive and dreamer. You are a woman with unclear ideas and she needs to put her life in order. In spite of everything, you are sure of yourself and you don’t care what people outside your loved ones may think. You have a style that varies according to your mood but you know how to behave and you are never out of place. Conservative to the limit of melancholy, your inner disorder is given only by so many interests that lead you to want to do too many things all together.

No Christmas tree

There is little to say about those who decide not to make the Christmas tree. They are usually cynical, disillusioned and disenchanted people probably due to a past that led them to not believe in the magic of this holiday period. Frivolous sentimentality is not part of them and the true “never a joy” accompanies them throughout the year. Nevertheless, it must be admitted that they are very consistent because their irreverent attitude towards positive things always accompanies them and not only in a certain period.

Now tell me, what Christmas tree are you? And me? Well, I tend to go from traditional to monochromatic, it depends a little on my mood at the moment.

I encouraged you to make a Christmas tree but you don’t have any ideas on how to decorate it? Find out more by reading “10 + ideas for an original DIY tree“, “Christmas colors: which one to choose to decorate the tree” and “How to decorate the Christmas tree step by step“.

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