Tell me how you drink coffee and I’ll tell you who you are

by fashionsnobber

After discovering some sides of our personality thanks to some fashion tests, the time has come to discover others through one of my favorite drinks. Having known how much more caffeine flows in my blood than red blood cells, curiosity has taken over. It all started with an American study from 2014 and so, between one research and another, I had a summit and today we discover together what kind of person you are based on how you drink coffee.

Tell me how you drink coffee and I’ll tell you who you are

Come bevi il caffè ti dice chi sei - Drinking as coffee tells you who you are.


Prepared with two cups of hot water and a dose of espresso if you drink coffee so you know that it is chosen by those people who love to live the day, dreamy, calm and relaxed with their heads in the clouds. For them, every decision can be taken in due time and calmly, after all, there is no reason to rush life, right?


The combination with a dose of espresso plus a small glass of brandy, whiskey or rum is favored by people who love luxury and vices. Vanitose, esthete but at the same time fascinating and from that strong conscious character charm that often lead them to want to command. But beware of appearance because at the same time they are extremely sensitive people.


If you drink coffee, not coffee deprived of its essence, caffeine, you must know that it is loved by those who must always have the situation under control. Perfectionists by nature are people who are hard to please and all too healthy. Headshots not allowed, easily emotional and something never goes as planned.


Two doses of espresso are for those who are extremely demanding not only with themselves but also with others. People with sophisticated tastes and impeccable education are very polite and at the same time pleasant for their sympathy and desire to socialize.


The classic coffee concentrate in no more than 30 ml is the favorite of those concrete, rigid and inflexible people who have clear ideas about everything and especially about what they want from life. Determination, self-confidence and optimism allow him not to fall easily into despair or to be influenced by the masses. Maybe a little too much with their feet on the ground but they can also enjoy the small pleasures of life.


Three doses of espresso and double the water, if you drink coffee so you know that it is loved by solar people, generous and positive. Those who always have a good word for everyone while being very reflective, self-critical and reserved.


A spoonful of milk foam and a dose of espresso is favored by those a little childish and capricious people who do not want to grow up and take too much responsibility. I am always looking for confirmations and certainties, not tolerating feeling uncomfortable. All this, however, is not enough to hide their romantic, generous soul and that altruism always ready to help others.


A dose of coffee in a lesser amount of water is chosen by impulsive and multitasking people. Those that never stand still for a moment, always running and full of commitments. They do not have time to think, so they often do it without counting up to 10, but this also makes them very frank and honest. Leisure and relaxation? But when ever, the adventure of traveling around the world is much better.

Sheked or cold

Ice, sugar and a dose of espresso is the typical coffee preferred by those spontaneous, curious and attracted by novelties that are easily bored. They love experimenting, they have a lot of hobbies and thanks to their innate imagination they are excellent creatives.

In big cup

If you drink coffee with a favorite dose of espresso to be enjoyed in a large cup, you must know that it is chosen by eccentric people who love to be the center of attention. Personalities who aspire to success and can’t stand being overshadowed. A little bulky but with a great spirit of sacrifice and initiative.

Obviously these are just the top 10 most common ways to drink coffee but there are endless variations with their many personalities. How not to forget the cappuccino (for those who have a sensitive soul and do not like the unexpected), ginseng coffee (typical of alternative and radical chic), that with cream (loved by unselfish and profound people), that of barley (for those who are shy and insecure) and also the black (typical of traditionalists attached to the label). And who does not drink coffee? Well, in that case I think people are all to be discovered. But I say, how do you live without caffeine? However, I am a long taken strictly black and you instead? How do you drink coffee?

Come prendi il caffè racconta la tua personalità - How you take coffee tells about your personality.

Credits: Infographic found on Pinterest and viewable in the “Coffee Love” board.

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