Chanel presents the “In Goude we trust!” art show in Milan

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From November 15th until December 31st 2019 at the Palazzo Giureconsulti, in Piazza dei Mercanti 2, in Milan, the art show “In Goude we trust!” Is held. An exhibition by Jean-Paul Goude presented by Chanel, under the patronage of the Municipality of Milan, which invites us to discover the extraordinary collaboration between the well-known designer and the Maison. Having had the pleasure of being able to visit it, and being enthusiastic about it, I could not give up telling it.

Jean-Paul Goude

Jean-Paul Goude is a filmmaker, choreographer, designer and photographer as well as, let’s say it, a brilliant image maker. Born in Saint-Mandré in 1940 in the 1970s he was the artistic director of the Esquire newspaper in New York. In 1989 he choreographed the parade for the bicentennial of the French Revolution and in his career he created several illustrations and advertising campaigns for important brands. Among which we certainly remember all those of Chanel, Citroën, Kodak and Shiseido. Today it is undoubtedly one of the greatest contemporary artists capable of giving us an authentic chronicle of our age. The In Goude we trust exhibition will make us even more fascinated by this versatile designer.

Chanel presents “In Goude we trust!” an art show by Jean-Paul Goude

Coco, La Musa, ritratto fotografico di Vanessa Paradis by Jean Paul Goude.

In Goude we trust is an art show entirely dedicated to Jean-Paul Goude. Strongly desired by Chanel to honor the collaboration that the image maker and the Maison have been pursuing for almost thirty years. Entirely edited to the smallest detail by Goude, the exhibition is divided as follows:

  1. It starts with an excursus on drawings, sketches and photographs from 1966 to today.
  2. It continues with the works that Jean-Paul Goude has created for Chanel. From the 1990 film Égoïste to the last campaign for Chanel N°5 with Lily-Rose Depp. Not forgetting when in 1992 he transformed Vanessa Paradis into a little bird and the whole Chance saga begun in 2002.
  3. Continuing there is a small theater in which So far so Goude is broadcast, a 90-minute film in which the designer’s life and creations are told from the beginning to the exhibition In Goude we trust.
  4. Finally there are the most emblematic works. From the installation Notre Dame de St Mandé, presented to the public for the first time, through drawings, photographs and cut ektachromes in which some famous singers like Rihanna, Björk, Lady Gaga and Grace Jones stand out.

The installations of the art show

Chanel presenta In Goude we trust una mostra di Jean Paul Goude.

Along the exhibit precursor of the exhibition In Goude we trust there are two other installations that have totally and particularly kidnapped and hypnotized me. The first, holographic and animated, Chanel’s Genio, in which a small Coco Chanel flies inside a Chanel N°5 perfume bottle. And the second, Fire installation, is a live performance by a dancer who moves gracefully for the show. From time to time he stops in a chair in front of a mirror and the magic starts from here. I won’t add any more because they both deserve to be seen in person. In words they do not render.

Chanel’s gift

At the end of the exhibition itinerary of the In Goude we trust exhibition, Chanel also gives us a small package in the shape of a candy. Delivering it to their beauty sales point, located a short distance away in the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery, we will receive a nice Christmas themed gift that obviously I cannot reveal otherwise I would ruin the surprise to those who still have to go there. In conclusion, I would like to advise you on this exhibition because those who, like me, love Chanel deep down, cannot miss an exhibition that is so interesting, interactive and full of emotions dedicated to one of its most talented artists.

Coco Chanel’s personality is so alive in my unconscious that it seems to me that she is always present, and that I am working for her spirit.”
(Jean-Paul Goude)

Chanel N°5, Estella Warren by event In Goude we Trust by Jean Paul Goude.

Chanel N°5, Vaporizzatore da borsetta by Jean Paul Goude.

Chanel presents "In Goude we trust" an art exhibition by Jean Paul Goude.

Chanel N°5 L'Eau, Sfera di cristallo by Jean Paul Goude.

Rihanna by Jean Paul Goude.

Björk by Jean Paul Goude.

Lady Gaga by Jean Paul Goude.

Grace Jones by Jean-Paul Goude.

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