Independent bloggers: how it works and what it means

by fashionsnobber

Let’s take a moment to deal with the topic of independent blogs. Obviously managed by as many independent bloggers. We begin to clarify very specific issues thrown up by the neglect of some brands and some of the aforementioned agencies. But first let’s go in order starting from the ABC of what it means to have a blog and be a blogger.

What it means to be a blogger and have a blog

Cosa significa essere blogger indipendenti.

Also citing Wikipedia.
Blogger: Creator and editor of a blog posted online. Mostly public. Within everyone’s reach and accessible by anyone via an internet connection.
Blog: Website, but more precisely an online diary in which the contents are displayed in chronological order from the most recent to the most distant in time. The blog can be managed by one or more bloggers who publish multimedia or textual content called posts and can have a specific topic.
Independent blog(ger): Online diary managed independently by one or more independent bloggers. Updated more or less periodically with multimedia or textual content that is not decided by other people.

Independent thematic blogs and bloggers

Chi sono, cosa fanno e cosa vuol dire avere un blog ed essere blogger indipendenti.

Thematic blogger: Is the one who constantly updates a blog related to a specific topic of which he has studied, has passion or simply in which he feels particularly grasped.
An thematic independent blog contains all the features listed above. He does not work with agencies. He does not promote articles he does not like. Talks about what he really likes and says his opinion without hesitation.
So independent bloggers stand out from the crowd. They don’t follow the flock. They can say no and don’t pay attention to numbers.
In a nutshell they really do what they want and they like with one rule, to be themselves.

What has changed in the world of independent blogs

Technically nothing, practically a lot of things.
Most brands no longer want to select the most suitable independent blogs and bloggers for their needs. For lack of time, desire, redundancy of blogs to read and the agency has found the fastest way.
He contacts her, pays the percentage for his work, says he has a total budget or a lot of material to send to bloggers, or both, and asks that it be distributed to a total number of blogs that sponsor him.
An honest agency takes the trouble to study the brand and intelligently select the blogs to which to entrust the sponsorship by paying or sending the material, or both, dividing the pay in equal parts among all the blogs.
Most agencies instead send randomly. Nothing is documented. It offers less than the budget agreed by the brand to pocket the surplus and does not even bother to check if among the thousands of Italian blogs the tots selected for sponsorship, obviously always the same, are read among themselves. Thus creating a bad, singsong, boring marketing campaign taken by anyone. The result is that the product makes you feel so sick it has been spammed in the same flow of people and loses credibility and interest.
Big brands obviously laugh at this and will never contact these blogs or agencies. They really start to select who to contact. In fact, given the Italian rot that is around, they are willingly starting to do without it. How to blame him.

How the working relationship between agency and blogger works

Another nice point to analyze are the agencies that woo you impressed by what numbers you do not know since the statistics of a blog without a true screenshot of Google Analytics are even more smoke than that caused by the steel mills of Piombino. As well as followers and likes on Instagram who never bother to check.
In conclusion. They contact you to let you enter their tour, they promise you seas and mountains if you pay them a year and above all they guarantee you to always turn around only things you will be happy to talk about and events at the latest cry. Bullshits. Oops, I said, sorry.
After a while, their lover’s ingrown toenail will also begin to turn. They will want you to go to an event on that new product to replace sanitary pads and if you don’t do it they will take you out with a fine (legitimate, it’s law when you sign a contract). If it suits you. Otherwise they make scorched earth around you and you will never work again. Basically, they castrate you.
The honest agencies instead contact you for free when they are holding something decidedly inclined to your style and your way of being. Point.

Independent bloggers in Italy

What it means to be an independent bloggers.

This is not to cross brands or agencies but simply to highlight facts. This is how it works right now. These are the agreements and it is up to you to decide what value to give you. It is clear that we all have a price and we can compromise but I have seen too many blogs start genuinely and find themselves a discount store in which readers can hardly believe, and above all themselves, they would follow those press releases blatantly beautiful and better in post format . Independent bloggers where? Did you really sell your faculty and the right of choice for 20 euros?
In these years. Even before opening this blog. Documented myself. I spoke, seen with my own eyes and heard with my ears professionals from the sector and asked ordinary people out of context how it works and what they want. I got my idea right and since I’m not looking for a job here, much less I aspire to become famous but I simply want to share the truth, I don’t see why I should keep silent. I want the eyes to be wide open. Let everyone know exactly how it works and understand who they can truly trust when they read a review, an opinion or a simple dispassionate advice.
I want niche blogs, and their decision to be independent bloggers, to be proud of their choice. As I was recently told “better few but good” and do you know what I say? It is absolutely the best thing. I would like you to understand that the difference is not made by the mass but by the individual who is capable of not trampling on himself, his values ​​and his ideals.
To you the choice. Good luck.

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