Indispensable tools for bloggers

by fashionsnobber

Open a blog is easy, it does not take much. You just need a computer and an internet connection. So how to start blogging and become in effect a bloggers. Able to enhance it to distinguish it from the crowd and make it go well instead is much more difficult. There are no exact sciences in the field, Google does not frigates in any way and in most cases will suggest mechanisms that are just a waste of time. They will make you download guides by promising heaven and earth but it will be nothing but words already written, read, hackneyed million times. Nothing you can not learn with practice and on their skin as in all things. But, yes, there is, however, to know immediately the necessary tools can be a good help. Especially at the beginning.

Strumenti indispensabili per blogger - Indispensable tools for bloggers.

10 essential tools for bloggers

Needless to say the required primary as a good camera, a good next-generation smartphones, various vocabularies to find the right word to write both synonyms and antonyms that open accounts on each social network can unimaginable. Having a blog, blogging and bloggers means being first and foremost sharing ginal and your content. Create more of your own free will and you share the more you are on the right track.

1. WordPress.

Create your own blog on WordPress platform is definitely the best choice of a goods bloggers. E ‘according to our needs not to mention the multitude of templates to choose from and customize the most comprehensive level of plugins and widgets to add. Well indexed on search engines remains the number one to have a successful blog without necessarily being able to play around with the internal codes.

2. Plugin Jetpack, Yoast SEO and WPML.

Jetpack supports you in simplifying the management of your blog on WordPress while thinking about him based on what active. Protects your blog, optimizes and speeds up the loading of your photos, allowing you to track your visits and dozens of other all options to discover. Yoast SEO must be your right arm in terms of SEO and trusted with this plugin becomes a breeze. WPML is paramount and the best around if you need to create a multilingual blog. Let’s just see articles with 10 languages translation strung in a post. Better to have the option of opening the entire site in the desired language. Much more professional and with the right sense of necessary order in a blog.

3. Newsletter of MailChimp.

Not all readers constantly open up the blog to stay updated on the latest articles but the email you and we often rely on the registration of a newsletter. Inviatene a month with your most important updates and Personalise it as much as possible. With MailChimp can not go wrong, it’s easy and it will be your best business card.

4. Google Analitycs.

Critical monitoring support for your work in the web. You can see and discover everything regarding your visits and interactions in the blog. Since that part of the world they come, how long they stop to read, and so those who return. It ‘s definitely the best and most accurate in terms of numbers. Before shooting random numbers bloggers serious better to rely on him.

5. Hootsuite.

It helps you to plan the management of your company without necessarily having to live with the phone in hand. Using the platform Hootsuite you can easily upgrade your Twitter profile, Facebook page, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram and so on while you are comfortably doing anything. Furthermore you can monitor your keywords of interest on social.

6. Unsplash, Gratisography and Picjumbo.

In a blog it is important to use good images are not protected by copyright, and where we can not provide personally in making sites like Unsplash, Gratisography and Picjumbo provide us with free materials of the highest level. Remember always to cite the source.

7. PicMonkey and Snapseed.

To touch up their photos, create collages, infongrafiche and enter text without having to use Photoshop PicMonkey is the ideal web site. Easy to use in my opinion is the top. Series, seeing is believing. Instead Snapseed is the best application to modify our shots and make them much more professional.

8. Instagress.

Instagress is the right arm of Instagram. A tool that works for you, it automatically puts the photos with hashtags like you set and takes you so new real followers. Infinite possibilities of setting but as in all things, should not overdo it, the automatic comments and follow the advice to avoid them because you are making fool. To use it, but with great care and in small doses. It ‘a little’ double-edged sword but it is very useful.

9. Crowdfire.

Crowdfire is the application for smartphone that beats by far Followers +. It allows you to track followers on social. Those who follow us to those who have not been following recently. Unknown or unless we can keep them all under control by deciding whether or not to reciprocate their last move. ;)

10. TagsForLikes.

The watchword of all our pictures on social is definitely the hashtag. With the application for smartphone TagsForLikes always we know what are the most popular and which to use depending on the topic. A very effective means to do first and above all in the choice to use them to avoid mistakes.

You’re publishing on all these tools when you write and share to your blog? Then you are a blogger already well, you just have to get to know even more. Now only up to you, use your creativity, originality and uniqueness to have your say.

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