Inspired VS copy in fashion

by fashionsnobber

In fashion now you know, there’s nothing left to invent. It ‘s all a dredge up the past rieditandolo somehow. It could also be fine if you do not end up in an eye shots where the copy seems to reign supreme. But there is a subtle difference between inspiration and copy shamelessly.

Be inspired or copy that is the question

The inspiration is to take inspiration. The use maybe the same underlying theme or a particular and then get us out of something else. Copy is copy. He speaks for itself. Over the years of copying fine and good if you have lots of views. Everyone has surely noticed over and over again a chief plagiarized from another. Probably also he bought him. It ‘happened to me, to you, and to the neighbor. Knowingly or unknowingly. Stand behind every existing brand is impossible. Know exactly what produces it is even more. Among millions of garments and collections that are put on the market how do you know exactly who copy who? It’s impossible. We become attached to a brand and we hope you use the inspiration instead of copying. This is.

Because the brand copying each other? Decline of genius or smart marketing move?

Speaking of brand low cost response is spontaneous and rather obvious. The leaders of the big brands are not accessible to everyone and give them a version as close as possible but within our reach. But among big brands what is the point? Pay designers for what? Let him devise a pattern already seen? Ok, they are all already seen models, but launch it soon after that he just made another brand is not to cut your legs? I’m thinking it may be a pure matter of marketing. In the sense. A brand like Furla, that such rage immediately with the Metropolis model, is copied from a Michael Kors the following season. What is the purpose if not because they saw fit that model and then facilitarsi sales? Now, these are just my speculation, I do not know the exact answer, and I have no idea who actually copying whom. It could also be the other way as far as I know. But I wanted to talk about it because I noticed this thing grow too. Like the boss who is inspired is one thing. The head at a glance copied almost exactly is another. Here are some practical example and as always I leave to posterity will judge.

Furla vs Michael Kors

Anche i brand amano copiare. Borsa Furla Metropolis vs borsa Sloan Michael Kors - Even the brands they love to copy. Bag Furla vs Michael Kors.

Furla bag model Metropolis and bag Michael Kors Sloan model. Same style, same principle. For me it’s a hell no.

Balmain vs Zara

Anche i brand amano copiare. Giacca alamari Balmain vs Zara - Even the brands they love to copy. Frogged jacket Balmain vs Zara.

Balmain jacket with frogging and jacket with toggles Zara. Here we talk about inspiration.

Gucci vs Asos

Anche i brand amano copiare. Maglione con rouches Gucci vs Asos - Even the brands they love to copy. Sweater with ruffles Gucci vs Asos.

Sweater with ruffles and Gucci sweater with ruffles Asos. I drop my arms.

Isabel Marant vs Lemaré

Anche i brand amano copiare. Sneakers Isabel Marant vs Lemaré - Even the brands they love to copy. Sneakers Isabel Marant vs Lemaré.

Isabel Marant wedge sneakers and sneakers with wedge Lemare. Here I am falling. I have 4 pairs so Lemare but when I found out the prank I did not buy more.

Ralph Lauren vs Mango

Anche i brand amano copiare. Blazer Ralph Lauren vs Mango - Even the brands they love to copy. Blazer Ralph Lauren vs Mango.

Blazer Ralph Lauren blazer and Mango. I would turn the boxes. Come on! It’s the same!

D&G vs Mango

Anche i brand amano copiare. Fantasia Giardino Botanico Dolce & Gabbana vs Mango - Even the brands they love to copy. Pattern Botanical Garden Dolce & Gabbana vs Mango.

Fantasy Botanical Garden Dolce & Gabbana and fantasy Mango. Very similar.

Burberry vs Diffusione Tessile

Anche i brand amano copiare. Sciarpa check Burberry vs Diffusione Tessile - Even the brands they love to copy. Burberry check scarf vs Diffusione Tessile.

Scarf and Burberry check pattern scarf with check Diffusion Textiles. Virtually identical.

Credits: Images found in the official shop of the listed brands.

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