Jewelry, only one rule: sobriety and personality

by fashionsnobber

Jewelry, ornaments worn by a person to beautify, enrich or enhance a look. At one time could only be valuable but thanks to style icons like Coco Chanel and Jacqueline Kennedy (his unforgettable triple strand of pearls was a jewel, pearl is, but cultivated) has been cleared for this practice and has started the jewelery capable of taking on the most precious jewelry and impeccably prestigious.
For all we know, “all that glitters is not gold” but as the shopping is always able to put us in a good mood, so why do without it?

Jewelry, only one rule: sobriety and personality first

Yeah my dear Ladies horrific full finery, now no longer used to show off in one brooch look, bracelet and ring in a coordinated or necklace, earrings and bracelet, but just one, single, jewel to make you be elegant and classy. Or, maybe, the latest trend data, you can fall back on a beautiful set of different bracelets between them. Now you can mix. Much easier and affordable for everyone. They must give light and enhance, not steal the scene hiding behind their glitter of excesses. And yes, you can also mix real and costume jewelery as long as it’s tasteful and personality. If you fill your wrist bracelets enriched not too finger rings, conversely, if you wear an important link or different models, such as the free refills on every finger left wrists. You have to find the right visual balance, a good thing too, I tell you forever and never stop repeating it.

10 rules make no mistake by wearing jewelry

1. At sea you never use it, do not use and it is not good to see the white mark left on tanned skin when you remove them. In addition they can be damaged.
2. White gold is most suitable for the evening manta rays yellow gold is fine during the day.
3. Do they wear at funerals are events during which it is best suited sobriety in a pure state.
4. The beads do not give no reciprocate with a coin, a little ‘as with portfolios. In this way you dispel the superstition in which they narrate bring tears.
5. When you receive important guests never flaunt jewelry. The etiquette is clear in this respect, must be less presentable of the guests not to put them at ease or take them to feel out of place.
6. The perfume is sprayed a few minutes before wearing to avoid will oxidize or spoil. Never while you have him.
7. The best long necklaces if you are tall, never underestimate the optical proportions, are important also with the jewels.
8. The pins should be placed to the left to avoid coincide and can create friction with the shoulder strap of the bag.
9. The watch no matter how jewel during informal evenings a woman should not wear it at all.
10. Brides can only wear earrings, choker (preferably beads) and the right engagement ring on the ring finger. Nothing else.

Gioielli Chanel, collection Coco Crush - Jewelry Chanel, collection Coco Crush.

Boucheron gioielli - Boucheron jewelry.

Bulgari jewellery.

Chopard jewellery.

Cartier jewellery.

Gioielli Damiani, collezione Eden - Jewelry Damiani, collection Eden.

Harry Winston jewellery.

Swarovski gioielli - Swarovski jewelry.

Tiffany&Co gioielli - Tiffany&co jewelry.

Buccellati jewellery.

Pasquale Bruni jewellery.

Van Cleef & Arpels jewellery.

That said sbizzarritevi as you wish and give that extra touch to your outfit and your style with the jewel you want. Personally I prefer bracelets and rings, necklaces or earrings show off a few times, leaving the chain in white gold bearing my name always wearing. You instead? Of what real or faux jewel can not do without? Wedding rings and engagement rings are not covered. ;)

Credits: Images obtained from official websites of the jewelers.

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