Jijide scented candles, a travel along a dream

by fashionsnobber

Not everyone knows that in the past I have had a candle and gift shop for several years. Not everyone knows that my mother was a good part of it and in the sector I can say that I have enough experience to recognize a good product or not. In this regard, I am pleased to present and talk about Jijide scented candles. A Milanese made in Italy brand born from the dialogue between two worlds. On the border between East and West, where the qualities of both countries come together, bringing the magic of this long journey directly to our homes.

From Italy to China: a travel to discover Jijide scented candles

Take all the talent and tradition typical of Italian craftsmanship with a great passion for Chinese culture and put it on a plane to the East. What comes out? A brand capable of speaking two languages ​​from which new forms are born, a new aesthetic sensibility and new abilities to be inspired by two apparently distant worlds. The Jijide products, or 积极 的, which means “Being Positive“, are born. Room speakers, scented pads and candles. All characterized by meticulous attention to detail, attention to materials, workmanship of excellence, high quality and distinctive details that make them unique. Jijide scented candles are born, entirely designed and produced in Italy. Small masterpieces able to make us travel with closed eyes letting ourselves be transported by the fragrances of precious essences. Crimson, Jade, Overseas and Silk. Choose yours and travel. Travel with Jijide on your journey along a dream.

The gentle caress of Silk

Jijide Candle, Musk, Tea and Pepper.

The fragrant Jijide Silk candle has a delicate, fresh and enveloping fragrance thanks to the precious essences of Musk, Tea and Pepper. Entirely made with natural wax and with the wooden wick in its burn it also accompanies us audibly with a pleasant crackling. Enclosed in its matt painted glass, it has a clean, minimal, sophisticated and chic design that can adapt to any environment. Jijide scented candles are a precious travel experience for our senses. Watching, listening, breathing and touching has never been so pleasant and relaxing. This is when a gift idea, but also an item of furniture, is able to have that something extra. That magic to make you travel beyond the distances wherever you want.

Candele profumate Jijide.

Candele profumate Jijide.

Candela profumata alla seta.

Jijide scented candles.

Seta Jijide candle.

Scented candle by Jijide Milan.

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