R.I.P. Karl Lagerfeld, goodbye to Chanel’s creative genius

by fashionsnobber

The fashion emperor Karl Lagerfeld has left us. At the ripe old age of 85 in those of Paris it literally leaves us at the mercy of the bad taste that will now flare up uncontrolled. Known by all with the nickname Kaiser (in German means emperor) was not just a man, a stylist, an extravagant character or all that has been said about him and will still say. It was a GENIUS and pure history of fashion.

Goodbye to Karl Lagerfeld

©2016 Karl Lagerfeld.

©2016 Karl Lagerfeld.

We will always remember Karl Lagerfeld like this, with his white hair gathered in a ponytail, black sunglasses, white shirts with a very high collar, strictly black suits as well as half gloves his indispensable accessory.
We will remember him as creative director of Fendi but above all of Chanel which since 1983 has restored after dark years.
Remember him for his “Karl-isms” collected in the book The world according to Karl and in the Karlism section of his official website.
I will remember it as one of my few remaining sources of inspiration because it is different from the mass and flocks. Indomitable, frank, pungent, edgy and provocative as I like it and as I would like to be.
Today, February 19, 2019 the fashion world is in mourning, there is little else to say, add, rant. We can only pay homage to him and remember him forever by drawing precious lessons from his way of seeing and interpreting the world.

Goodbye Karl, have a good trip, donate your spectacular fashion shows to the angels and thank you for giving me that dream, which maybe sooner or later I will realize, of the new black Chanel 2.55. Black as you would have advised me. <3

The 10 most beautiful Karl-isms

Following the 10 most beautiful Karl Lagerfeld quotes of all time, become my mantra.

“My secret to living well? Do not take yourself too seriously. I laugh at myself and I do not consider myself an intellectual or an artist. “

“My greatest luxury is not having to justify myself with anyone.”

“I do not become attached to objects forever, nor to people. Friends ask for reciprocity, if the other is not up to par, it’s over; I consider it superfluous to forgive, I prefer to forget. “

“You can be the most chic thing in the world with a t-shirt and jeans.”

“I prefer to make mistakes than to compromise.”

“I had no problem breaking the rules because I’ve never been a victim.”

“Trendy is the last stop before bad taste.”

“I prefer to be considered an evolutionist rather than a revolutionary, one who likes to reform things constructively. The pure revolutionaries never got anywhere. “

An important quality? Intelligence. Life is not a beauty contest: youth and beauty leave sooner or later. “

“Luxury is having unique pieces that are not easily identifiable.”

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