Kimonos Mania from Zaful

by fashionsnobber

As we now know, the kimonos are very popular this season. There are all kinds, colors, shapes, textures and countless fabrics. Zaful online shop is no exception and there are countless variations. A trend of the moment that just adds to our look by transforming it to make it more glamorous, sophisticated, boho chic or simply giving it that extra something allowing it to make a difference depending on the combination.

Zaful kimonos mania

Important note of the kimonos is that they are good for everyone. For example, they help to hide those imperfections enhanced by tight-fitting t-shirts. They are a brilliant and comfortable trend that I hope never goes away. For these reasons I have several but the other day wandering around the net I came across the Zaful collection on their namesake online shop. I was speechless, one more beautiful than the other and with really paltry figures that allow you to safely take the whim for a couple more. They have something for everyone. Long, short, with fringes and without. I think it’s impossible not to find even one of our liking and so I decided to show you a small selection of my favorites.

Kimoni moda donna Zaful.

In order from left to right: Colorful Floral Print Long Sleeve Kimono, Full Feather Print Kimono Blouse, Parrot Print Tassel Long Sleeve Kimono and Floral Print Long Sleeve Kimono Blouse.

Personally I go crazy for those with fringes and floral and among all their collection these are the models that have impressed me the most.

Fringed Kimonos.

In order from left to right: Colorful Floral Print Tassel Splicing Kimono, Floral Print Fringe Long Sleeve Kimono, Floral Print Asymmetrical Tassel Splicing Long Sleeve Kimono and Red Tassel Splicing Floral Print Long Sleeve Kimono.

Finally, wanting to get out of my genre I also found these two models in perfect boho chic style very beautiful and interesting, which I immediately loved the color, print and type of fringe.

Kimono fantasia con frange.

In order from left to right: Print Fringe Long Sleeve Kimono and Paisley Print Fringe Long Sleeve Kimono.

I mean, what can I say, I buy them all at once and are indecisissima. Each in his way is perfect and versatile not to mention of how much I liked the pattern Floral Print Lace Splicing Long Sleeve Kimono matched exactly as in the example below. I find it a perfect look.

Floral Print Lace Splicing Long Sleeve Kimono by zaful.

What do you say? Purchase? Which Zaful kimono do you like best?

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