The Kasa Dei Kolori from Tibidabo Store

by fashionsnobber

Last week I went to Tibidabo Store for some shopping. They always organize lots of fun events and initiatives like the one in collaboration with La Kasa Dei Kolori. Tibidabo is also one of the trendiest men’s and women’s stores on the Island of Elba with 3 stores located precisely in Marciana Marina, Marina di Campo and Portoferraio. They always have beautiful things and from them you can find brands like Pinko, Twin-Set, Liu-Jo, Patrizia Pepe and many others. Impeccable staff, of a kindness and rare availability. I would like to clarify this because it is very difficult to find such personnel today.

The Kasa Dei Kolori from Tibidabo Store

In addition to producing t-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories for men, women and children. With funny phrases, La Kasa Dei Kolori’s online shop also allows you to customize them as you wish by deciding the phrase or design of your desires. The colors available for these creations are those of their logo so you can choose between pink, blue, yellow and black. I know, many do this kind of service on t-shirts, but seeing them realized in front is something magical. Observing the birth of a tee with your idea is pure poetry and it enchants me to see all the passages. Perhaps because my manual ability is zero. Perhaps because the freehand strokes compared to the perfect printed ones transmit me much more but I would have stayed there hours to observe their work.

Magliette personalizzate a mano da Tibidabo Store.

After being hypnotized by the hand of the artist from La Kasa Dei Kolori, in your opinion, how could I not have made a couple with my logo and one for my son?
I was speechless, I love them. I would like to thank them further because for my writing they kept to the logo perfectly and I appreciated that very much. They are beautiful, original and I only have them. I love this kind of uniqueness.

Magliette personalizzate La Kasa dei Kolori.

Now it’s your turn, take a ride on their shop on-line if you have an idea and carry it out!

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idu 19.07.2015 - 4:04

Wow that’s amazing. No templates and all and to come out that perfect. I call that talent. They have a website? I will visit for sure. Thanks for sharing this.
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fashionsnobber 20.07.2015 - 21:28

Yes dear, you can contact them through the website. They are very good. You will not regret. :*

Adela Acanski 18.07.2015 - 18:57 Reply
fashionsnobber 20.07.2015 - 21:29

Thank’s Adela. Happy week! :*


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