Dear Santa Claus, I’m writing to you today …

by fashionsnobber

I had not written a letter to Santa Claus for years. As you grow up, you inevitably lose a lot of nice things you do when we were kids. This year, however, I felt the need to write to someone, imaginary or not, that let us decide to our desire to believe it or not, and vent a little ‘so. Perhaps it was more a personal need for acceptance and awareness of my limits by putting them on paper. Why believe me a superheroine (very often causes lost, let’s face it) is certainly not enough to make me become. And no, unfortunately not even for the Christmas period.

My letter to Santa Claus

Scrivendo a Babbo Natale - Writing to Santa Claus.Dear Santa Claus,
I’m here, a distance of years because I felt the need. Not believing much in a precise way. Babi Mia or the Micro Machines camper. This time, however, I have no material requests as something more inherent in my life in my way of living it. First of all, I would like to give you more strength as a gift. More strength to support my family when it stumbles, when it hurts and when it needs help that often does not ask. I know, maybe a little more exercise would be enough but apparently what is not enough weekly. Or at least not for the strength I mean. Then I would like to go back to believing. To believe in people, in the world, in the future and also in myself. I realize that the different vicissitudes, but let’s call them rogne, passed in this year and become cynicism together with a total lack of trust and hope. I’m sorry, but I have not been able to prevent it. See Santa Claus, I realized that my radiance is not infinite, that my inner strength is poor and that my smile has always been caused a price. A price called scared. Fear of losing my husband for a tumor. Fear of not knowing is very close to those months as quiet as possible to my son. Fear of not being able to cope with situations like a woman, wife, partner, friend and even as a mother. As far as I’m concerned, I worry about managing what weighed me and crushed me more than a boulder. This is why I would also like to learn to forget sad things if possible. Because when you then have the luck that bad things pass is a good way to come back to smile as before. Because in fact I still can not, even if life, in the meantime, positively surprised me again I’m not succeeding. And it hurts because this intolerance, coldness and total closure is not part of me. It’s not me and I do not know how I got lost exactly. At what moment, at what time or in what word. I am so that perfect lives do not exist, so much so every now and then a hard trial and in the male we must try to find some good. But dear Santa Claus when a fear changes you to worse by taking away the only positive aspects you had what you can do? Here, yes, you could find and bring back my smile would be a beautiful Christmas. The others are scattered and forgotten, bring them back and give them to all the people of the world who do not smile anymore. Because seeing that serenity is so difficult to make at least a smile on Christmas day, I think it’s good for everyone. For this Christmas, so I ask and wish everyone a smile. True, sincere, positive and possibly never go out.
Thanks Santa,
A smile to you, to me, and to all of you.

Lettera a Babbo Natale - Letter to Santa Claus.

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