We have more social network that animates

by fashionsnobber

Social Network. Question of modern times in which our soul is divided between a smartphone, become a part of our body, and that time frame in which it is charging.

And no, we have more social network that animates

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat and so on and so invent.
My relationship with the company? Practically zero compared to what maybe I could do. But for whom? For what?
Recently I have pointed out that the company (not the blog is less) public too little. I repeat: but for whom? For what?
It ‘a fact I I highly scrub the numbers and mechanisms needed for the achievement of some kind of reputation or web influencers from peanuts. What then, let’s face it, these games bring “work” to elements that if they open their mouths seem escaped farmyard hens. Each reference is NOT purely coincidental.
I am an extremely private, I want my privacy and not feel the need to put them in exchange for like or comment for the same reason, so what?
This perhaps makes me less of other bloggers?
Unless the public what I do every moment of my life makes me less vivid or real than others?
I do not think, if anything, still can have the sense to understand what is appropriate to share with what maybe not.

Tricks from social network

They say: “Out of all the social network you have to buy followers would otherwise not get anywhere without K“.

And if I buy ghosts instead where I arrive? Nice to share thoughts and ideas with nothing. In practice, people are paid to influence fake, cool! And not stupid they are to take the piss companies is clear …

They say: “On Twitter and Instagram have to follow at random and then defollow just reciprocate.”

To be defollow just do the right wicked action? Because you get caught, you know it? Just use Crowdfire.

They say: “Come in groups of Instagram for sharing comments so the photo you like in the popular.”

In fact in these groups we will shove us like it or not but we overlook. And sorry if I have a life and I miss the material time to pass in review all the photos commenting intelligently. Yes, because in the comments there must be at least three words and a Moticon otherwise not go well. What, you do not know? And the third comment the only things that I come from the heart would be an “Oh, your ass, actually did not know him well enough yet!“, “But besides yourself you have nothing to photograph?“, “Bella, you’re just photogenic ‘half’ naked?“, to end up with a nice “But who you if you bugger!“. I will tell you a secret. I in popular there are always ended with pictures of 3/4 comments came spontaneously. What bad luck huh?!

They say: “On Facebook you ask the world’s friendship, and calls for the likes to your page.”

It is said on the other side there is a person and not a number. It is said that a person can still decide who, what, how and when to follow someone. Keep this in mind while you delete friends and you make hello with his hand on Kate princess style.

Ok, so here it is the usual corny but I love reiterate occasionally obviousness. And in essence? You tell me, please, what the hell is there any truth in social networks? Renzi and even Santa Claus in comparison become more credible. Almost as much as I like Sailor Moon.

Fashion Snobber and social network:

But after all this ranting and spit judgments use them as social network?
In a simple and painless way for my life, bad for regarding a possible road work, I know.
I do not open the profiles of anyone, photo albums and rarely read the states. quickly skim the Home, I’m going to publish what I had in mind and go out. So my comments and likes come because I found you in Home, constantly delayed, and not because you idolize or hate you as appropriate.
I do not waste the hours watching me and the facts of the other. I’m curious about other people’s lives, I do it very simply on my own. Nothing else.
Why applies this belief to be the center of the other of the world? I’d like an answer because I can not understand.

Social network truth or lie?

In an era where we are now all within 24 H is really no need for all this to tell the world what we are doing in order to make us envy? It seems to me there is only a total loss of reality. It ‘s all built on lies and deception towards others. They feed ego boundless of those who up to the year before was considered only from my dog as a pole to make us pee. And above all, more seriously, it has lost a moment to live it fully. Think about it, the first thought is to become instagrammarlo, twittarlo, pinnarlo, etc. How sad. Use them social, God forbid, but do not eat so the soul and credibility, because people, after all, is not so stupid. Maybe.

Abbiamo più social network che anima.

Break Oreo and Social Network.

Vita da social network.

You as you see them social? There you are, or are you doing? I clearly neither. ;*

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