5 steps for an intense and lasting tan

by fashionsnobber

Summer has arrived and with her the desire to get a nice golden tan. The time has therefore come to prepare the skin for sun exposure and coloring in the best possible way. Excluding sunburn, erythema and skinning that take it away. We have to make our tan last as long as possible to bring us some holidays with us even when they are finished. Nothing is impossible, just have the right precautions and keep 5 good habits capable of making a difference.

5 tips for a perfect tan

Come ottenere una abbronzatura intensa e duratura - How to get an intense and lasting tan.

1. Recognize your phototype

First and foremost, it is necessary and fundamental to respect one’s skin phototype. Thus accept the type of tan that can be obtained based on our complexion and our natural production of melanin. There are 6 classifications to identify with:

Phototype 1

Tan phototype 01.

Very light skin, blond or red hair, light eyes and freckles. Skin that turns red and burns easily. Great difficulty getting tan. SPF 50 sun protection recommended.

Phototype 2

Skin phototype 02.

Light skin, blond or light brown hair, light eyes and often freckles. Skin that turns red with frequent burns and rashes. Slow tan. SPF 30 sun protection recommended.

Phototype 3

Skin phototype 03.

Medium-colored skin, dark blond or brown hair, light or dark eyes. Skin less prone to getting burned. Easy tan after some sun exposure. SPF30 sun protection recommended.

Phototype 4

Tan phototype 04.

Skin with an olive complexion, dark hair, black or brown eyes. Skin that is rarely burned. Easy and long-lasting tan. SPF15 protection is recommended at least in the first few days.

Phototype 5

Tan phototype 05.

Dark skin, black hair, dark eyes. Leather that almost never burns. Naturally tanned already. SPF10 protection recommended.

Phototype 6

Skin phototype 06.

Black skin, black hair, dark or black eyes. Leather that never burns. Always tanned. SPF10 sun protection recommended.

2. Prepare the skin for sun exposure

Before dedicating ourselves to sunbathing, it is advisable to prepare our skin before sun exposure. Such as? In the period before the holidays, at least once a week, use a scrub on the face and body to eliminate dead cells that can act as a shield and cause that tan, as they say, “in patches”. It is also essential to keep the skin hydrated with specific creams and drinking enough. Finally, for those wishing to intervene from the inside, at least a month before, take a supplement rich in beta-carotene and vitamins C, E, A to stimulate our natural melanin and promote good skin pigmentation.

3. Expose yourself to the sun gradually and not in the middle of the day

In the first days of vacation it is not advisable to immediately make the lizards lie under the sun for hours and hours. Melanin production is favored when exposing oneself gradually and NEVER in the middle of the day (from 11 to 16) when the sun’s rays are more harmful. A short but constant sun exposure is the perfect solution when we want to get a healthy tan without any nasty surprises. Consider that a maximum of 45 minutes a day is sufficient, beyond which the body does not produce further melanin. Finally, a good trick to get a really harmonious tan is to move. In this way we obtain a homogeneous distribution of the sun’s rays over the whole body, avoiding finding ourselves with a more tanned part than the other.

4. Sun protection always

Sun protection is mandatory and should be chosen based on your skin type to protect yourself from harmful UVA and UVB rays. It is advisable to spread it all over the body at least thirty minutes before exposing yourself to the sun to allow the skin to absorb it. Obviously you have to reapply it after every shower, bath, excessive sweating or prolonged rubbing with towels and towels. The number of the protection factor is indicative of how long it is possible to stay in the sun with that product before the skin burns. It has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of protection it has inside. Finally, one more advice I can give is to use a stimulating melanin intensifier, moisturizing and nourishing before giving yourself the protective sunscreen.

5. Aftersun

After any exposure to the sun the skin must be rehydrated. The choice of a specific product based on natural oils, refreshing and soothing substances is necessary for this purpose. A prolonged tan is synonymous with correct hydration which preserves and preserves our summer complexion in the best way.

Now that we know how to take care of our skin when we are under the hot sun, good tan at all!

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