10 reasons to want to be like Sailor Moon Crystal

by fashionsnobber

Finally they are sending Sailor Moon Crystal on Rai Gulp and every morning while I taste it as if I had 14 years I realized a little ‘things. Yes, I must admit, if I were born superhero as you probably would have had a better time. Yes, ok, some fighting with villains to be solved but that is also present in everyday life of any ordinary mortal no? So I came to the conclusion that after all want to be Sailor Moon has his reasons.

10 good reasons for wanting to be Sailor Moon Crystal

1. Having a talking cat. And who would not want a talking pet?
2. Eat crap h24 and never take a Kg.
3. To have few but good friends who would die for you. In reality not even if you pay you can be sure to trust someone so.
4. Getting engaged and then marry a cool scary. Moreover rich and Prince of Earth. And although he has betrayed you sometimes (though with your daughter), but that will never be as it was so mesmerized. Do you still find yourself rich screwing, mistress of a crystal castle and queen of some kind of place where peace will reign only love and endless joy. Almost cloying, but it’s cool dream.
5. Cherish a silver crystal that occasionally you change pins, accessories and scepters according to current trends. That is, you’re always free to fashion and without the slightest effort.
6. Having the good fortune to meet part of their future and if making out right away who intralcerà.
7. Having also in the thirtieth century, the skin and the body of a 14 year old. This savings of not having to go to the plastic surgeon?
8. Have a unicorn who gets to control. Who would not as a means of transport instead of a luxury car?
9. All fall in love with you, including women and so if you’re a nymphomaniac you simply spoiled for choice.
10. You’re really un’influencer known throughout the universe. Including the most remote corners of the galaxy, and essentially to Chiara Ferragni or Belen Rodriguez on duty the do not care.

Here, for all these reasons I have to admit that after all born Sailor Moon would not be bad at all.

Sailor Moon Crystal cosplay Usagi Tsukino by Fashion Snobber.

I just wanted to be Sailor Moon Crystal but Usagi also goes well

But, let’s face it, all nice but very unlikely in a situation like this. So, perhaps, it would have been enough to be born as Usagi. Solar, cheerful, funny and always available to help others. Loyal and sincere as only a good person can be. It’s more honest. And that I do not think this can not be achieve as substantially it depends only on ourselves. If in our heart we all people kinder, good, fair, and in some ways “real” I do not believe that the realization of a better world it would not be possible. Sometimes you just really a simple smile to make a difference as well as a great change can come if everyone in their small do something to improve. All this to tell you that in the period of good intentions for the new year mine is this. I do not want to promise the same things, I just want to be more Usagi Tsukino than usual and try to do it also to others.

And you? What is your main good intention of beginning of the year?

Sailor Moon Crystal cosplay Usagi Tsukino by Fashion Snobber.

Sailor Moon Crystal Usagi Tsukino cosplay by Fashion Snobber.

Sailor Moon Crystal cosplay Usagi Tsukino by Fashion Snobber.

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