10 reasons to want to be like Sailor Moon Crystal

by fashionsnobber

They are finally broadcasting Sailor Moon Crystal on Rai Gulp and every morning while I taste it as if I were still 14 years old I realized some things. Well yes, I have to admit, if I had been born superheroine like her I probably would have had an easier life. Yes, ok, some fighting with bad guys to solve but that’s also present in the everyday life of any common mortal isn’t it? So I came to the conclusion that after all, wanting to be Sailor Moon has good reasons.

10 good reasons for wanting to be Sailor Moon Crystal

10 motivi per voler essere come Sailor Moon.

  1. Having a talking cat. And who wouldn’t want a talking pet?
  2. Eat crap 24 hours, always passing the costume test so that you do not gain weight and never take a kg.
  3. Having few but good friends who would die for you. In reality I miss if you pay them you can be sure that you trust someone.
  4. Get engaged and then get married with a cool fear. Moreover rich and prince of the Earth. And even if he cheated on you sometimes (even with your daughter), but he will never be hypnotized. You will still find yourself a rich breakthrough, mistress of a crystal castle and queen of who knows what place where peace, love and infinite joy will reign. Almost cloying but it’s cool to dream about it.
  5. Keep a silver crystal that from time to time changes you brooches, accessories and scepters based on current trends. That is, you are always fashionable for free and without the slightest effort.
  6. Having the good fortune to know part of one’s future and in case to take out immediately those who get in the way.
  7. Even in the 30th century, having the perfect skin and body of a 14-year-old. Is there the saving of not having to go to the plastic surgeon?
  8. Have a unicorn that arrives on command. Who wouldn’t want it as a means of transportation instead of a luxury car?
  9. Everyone falls in love with you, including women and therefore if you are a nymphomaniac you are simply spoiled for choice.
  10. You are truly an influencer known throughout the universe. Including the most remote corners of the galaxies and in essence, Chiara Ferragni or Belen Rodriguez on duty give her a mustache.

Here, for all these reasons, I must admit that, after all, being born Sailor Moon Crystal would not have been bad at all.

I just wanted to be Sailor warrior but Usagi Tsukino also goes well

Usagi Tsukino Sailor Moon Crystal cosplayer.

However, let’s face it, all beautiful but somewhat unlikely in a reality like this. So perhaps it would have been enough for me to be born as Usagi instead of Sailor Moon Crystal.
Solar, cheerful, fun and always available to help others. Loyal and sincere as only a good person can be. More than anything else honest. And I don’t think this cannot be achieved because it basically depends only on ourselves. If in our hearts we were all kinder, good, correct and in some ways “real” I do not think that the realization of a better world would not be possible. Sometimes a simple smile is really enough to make a difference just as a big change can come if everyone in their small way does something to improve.
All this ranting just to say that in the period of good intentions for the new year, mine is this. I don’t want to promise or promise myself the usual things, I just want to be more Sailor Moon Crystal than usual and try to make it be to others too.

And you? Have you ever done cosplay or interpreted any outfit inspired by a fantasy character? Besides, what’s your main good intention at the beginning of the year?

Usagi Tsukino cosplay.

Bunny Tsukino cosplay.

Sailor Moon Crystal cosplay.

Sailor Moon Crystal cosplayer.

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