Lingerie guide: how to wear underwear

by fashionsnobber

Paying attention to what we wear under clothes is very important. Not only in case we experience some bad inconvenience that leads us to get stripped suddenly but even in the alternative of an unplanned passionate encounter. I’m talking about underwear, or as we more elegantly call it, lingerie. Since the Victorian era in which it began to peep out and gain importance, our total dedication deserves. Just like those details to which we entrust the success or otherwise of a look.

How to properly wear underwear

Etiquette comes to our rescue by suggesting small precautions not to make mistakes. For example, the maximum of refinement for high-class women is and will always remain the intimate outfit with silk panties despite most women wearing mostly cotton or microfiber lingerie with minimalist outfits formed only by briefs and bra.
They are very good for facing everyday life but they must be coordinated at least. That is, of the same color, same fabric and possibly model. Wearing a black bra and white panties or vice versa conveys the idea of slovenliness, carelessness and that we don’t particularly like washing machines. And let’s face it, it’s certainly not a nice message. Furthermore, as soon as an item of underwear begins to ruin, such as loose elastic, underwire coming out, threadbare seams etc., it must be thrown away without thinking too much about it. Our underwear must always be intact and perfect, imperfections are not allowed.

Which color to choose for our lingerie

Neutral colors are always the best for underwear. Yes to black, white, champagne and beige nude to be sure not to be wrong. Then based on our personality we can dare with all the other colors and patterns, paying attention not to stand out too much under the clothes. A white shirt with a black bra underneath or a pair of white pants with a black thong also not. Certain contrasts are to be avoided like the plague by remaining diligently tone on tone.
Basically it’s not that there are so many rules. Wrong, there is a fundamental one.
Underwear must not emerge from any item of clothing that we are wearing. Underpants that come out of jeans, closings of bras under an open-back dress, straps of the bra emerge from top off the shoulder or sweaters with an American neckline should not be seen. In those cases you must wear those models of underwear specially designed to adapt to each neckline. There are all kinds of them to satisfy every need.

How to choose the right size of underwear

The perfect underwear for every type of body exists. You simply have to get it into your head to buy underwear that does not squeeze the figure but, as if they leaned on, follow our forms. The bra must not score anywhere by causing unwanted corolls or protrusions of flab and skin to appear. They risk ruining the line of clothes we wear and make us look like salami. Too tight underpants and bras are bad for our silhouette without the right to reply. We must always keep this in mind because maybe we don’t see each other from behind but the others do. One piece of advice I can give is to let a finger pass comfortably between our skin and the lingerie elastic. If necessary, therefore, maybe accept to have to buy an extra size.
Finally, as a last rule, we must always feel comfortable. Trash those panties that often enter our butt or squeeze us too much, marking the skin and stopping the circulation. We have to choose our best underwear for us. Based on our wardrobe and our style but not for others and to show them when not required.
What about sexy underwear? Well, with that we can go in and have fun as much as I can. You go according to your personal taste and your inhibitions rather than your own cravings. Obviously always the right size and that remains for us and the partner. A true lady does not share certain choices and intimate moments with anyone else.

Guide to underwear.

Tutto quello che c'è da sapere su come indossare la biancheria intima.

Guide to underwear.

All models of bra.

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