Liu Jo, glamour and sophistication evolving

by fashionsnobber

We all know well Liu Jo. And certainly one of the best known Italian brand clothing from online woman that can make us feel beautiful and enhance our femininity as well as our style. Season after season is synonymous with elegance and quality that is virtually impossible to resist.

Liu Jo for the woman who likes to enhance her natural beauty

Liu Jo is a brand born in Carpi by the good taste of the brothers Marco and Vannis Marchi. Year after year they have always proposed chic collections while remaining in step with the times and trends. This is also confirmed by their steady growth over the years. With approximately 550 employees Liu Jo realizes garments and accessories that not only make us feel at ease and enhance our style but also contemporary and seductive if necessary. Enhance the natural beauty of every woman is the strong point of their collections offered in 9 of specific clothing lines. Liu jo Amazing Fit, Eyewear, Gold Label Collection, Junior and Baby, White Label Collection, Blue Denim, Sport, Black Label Collection and Accessories.

Liu Jo for your elegant and glamorous style

Whether you are a woman looking for identical or with clear ideas do not matter. Liu Jo offers a wide variety of clothes and accessories to satisfy every desire. Gives every woman a femininity by a glamorous style and refined evolving. His collection are rich in fabulous clothes and make a small selection from offer me particularly hard because I should enter the entire sample. So I gave myself a thread. Seven counts indispensable for a perfect wardrobe up to date with the latest trends of the season. Good ideas even as gifts for this Christmas approaching.

7 clothing indispensable Liu Jo for a perfect wardrobe glam and chic at the same time

Velvet Blazer

Blazer velvet pois Liu Jo White Label.

The velvet is one of the main trends of the season. In our closet you can not miss a blazer and why not choose it in this fabric, polka dot, lapels, pockets, long sleeves and button fastening.

White shirt

Shirt Wish Liu Jo White Label.

The white shirt is definitely a must-classic. Perfect this proposal poplin with collar, long sleeves, peplum and a concealed buttons. Super chic and versatile.

Double-breasted coat

Double-breasted coat Liu Jo Black Label.

The coat really necessary? Definitely a beautiful model in a compact double-cloth with lapels, long sleeves and flaps on the sides like this.

Turtleneck sweater

Turtleneck sweater Liu Jo White Label.

The turtleneck sweater is one of the passe-partout leaders par excellence. The high cuffs make this basic model decidedly more fancy and sophisticated.

Slim pants

Slim pants Liu Jo Black Label.

Straight-leg pants are an absolute must. If we choose them in the Prince of Wales, with the French front pockets, back welt and tailored you can not go wrong.

White t-shirt

T-shirt rouches Liu Jo White Label.

White t-shirt also have their importance in a beautiful perfect wardrobe. This t-shirt in cotton jersey with round neckline, short sleeves and ruffled crepe fabric is the ideal model that combines trends and timelessness. Needless to tell you how much I want it.

Little black dress

Little black dress Liu Jo Les Cocktalls.

The little black dress is known, save us at every opportunity. Surely you have this model in stretch fabric with Schiffer neckline, sleeves rebrodé lace, zip gold and neck off the shoulder as they want the latest trends. Elegant and super feminine.

What to say. Liu Jo is the best choice of clothing for the woman who wants to be chic without sacrificing her femininity and trends of the fashion system. Good shopping!

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