How to live a summer at sea

by fashionsnobber

Summer. I live by the sea. Morning, afternoon and often in the evening. Sand, sea and sun. In perennial costume, kaftan, straw hat and flip flops and never fed up. Not much to tell but perhaps many little moments LIVE, relive and savor to the end, year after year. Still there are those who insist on asking me where I go on vacation. In 33 years I never moved in the summer and I never will. I’m lucky to be able to afford the holidays when I want and certainly do not choose times when you go where you go you can find the world. By nature I love the quietness and peace, chaos and confusion bother me tremendously because the total rudeness comes out of vacationers disrespectful of the place they visit and that is not their home. Then live the sea not? The mountain boring, I like the lake in the fall and in the spring so I stay here. In the peace of a beach almost forgotten by God because not everyone can go there. Tuscan protected oasis where most of you company is given by animals. Because I have chosen to live longer with the animals among people. This is my happiness. That happiness by small moments that during a beach holiday go absolutely lived and decided to share them with you. As if they were targets, one for each day of the month.

30 moments to be enjoyed in summer by the sea

1. Go, go, go.
2. A dip in the sea along a life.
3. Running on the sand that burns.
4. The sunset.
5. Gicare beach volleyball, football, beach tennis …
6. Read a book by the sea with your feet in the water.
7. Swim under water chasing fish.
8. The nap under the umbrella.
9. The first sunburn.
10. The bathroom at night.
11. Look for shells.
12. A walk.
13. water balloon.
14. A beach party.
15. Playing with a child.
16. Sit in the shoreline with music in your ears and get lost in the immensity of the sea.
17. The homemade sangria.
18. Kite Sailing.
19. Dry off with the wind.
20. Look for shooting stars.
21. Make love.
22. Meetings, clashes, riincontri.
23. Sunbathing.
24. Falling in love, falling out of love, to fall in love again.
25. Dancing.
26. Singing.
27. Sandcastle.
28. Photographing.
29. The skin that smells of salt.
30. Wallowing in the sand.

This is my summer. Made of small pleasures, for some trivial, but I would not for anything in the world was different.

Estate in spiaggia - Summer at the beach.

Estate - Summer.

Estate - Summer.

Estate - Summer.

Estate - Summer.

Estate - Summer.

Estate al mare - Summer to the sea.

Tramonto in estate - Summer sunset.

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