Love 2.0: at the time of Ferragnez everything is allowed

by fashionsnobber

After having read and seen all the colors about their life and their love, even on the news where frankly I expect news of a completely different depth, my brain has turned off to the point of bringing out this useless and intellectually empty post. Yes, today we talk about love 2.0 and the example set by the Ferragnez. An overly inflated surname and stage name that it seems right to coin them in a clever new marketing operation. Chapeau.

Ferragnez, he, she and their media love


I followed him because I liked how ironically he was angry with the world. Now as soon as I hear his voice I change song. My downfall was making a cd with J-AX. I swear, I found myself skipping the pieces where he sang. Exaggerated? Maybe, but when too much is too much, it makes people tired then it’s a moment. And for a true artist, losing even one fan should be a big defeat.


Never followed like all those of its kind. You know, I feed on content and excuse me if I still read with the hope someone seriously has something to pass on to us that is not just their ego. I don’t like his “style”, if we can define wearing anybody like that at random. Of course, I recognize that she was brilliant in inventing a job and can teach a lot about it, even though it has then led to all this garbage of fashion bloggers that is online.

Their media love

Fedez is a bourgeois tamarro and Ferragni a bourgeois tamarra. They weren’t just found. Their love has gotten worse than parsley. No, not Gardaland‘s Prezzemolo even if perhaps they would make more sense as a mascot than as a boy to imitate. Whatever they do (or don’t do) for days, they talk about nothing else. Especially about their love, whether it is true or assumed. Between striking gestures and controversy the fact remains that the new generations take them as an example. Including white terry socks worn with slippers to go out. And to think that until recently this was a sign of bad taste and zero style. Boh.

Love at the time of the Fedez and Chiara Ferragni

Love 2.0 at the time of the Ferragnez.

Love 2.0 at the time of the Ferragnez is to make themselves and hearts as soon as any other online content is posted.

We are at the teenage levels of ringworms as “I think you” in the distant 90s. But yes, I have never even realized who puts the likes to myself let alone if I understand the couples who have to mark the territory of the other as the dogs do with peeing around. Everyone knows this, are not this the love demonstrations true no?

Love 2.0 at the time of the Ferragnez is to constantly share the moments, even more intimate, of the relationship.

But if they do a pornographic film directly, where’s the photos where they are “going to” have the full boxes, would not it be fun for everyone? In short, even in fashion magazines that were of a certain level I found the petting of these two in a bathtub. And if I wonder if I want to go to space, I’m going to look for it elsewhere, not sure of them.

Love 2.0 at the time of the Ferragnez became the show of the world and the annihilation of privacy.

Like money. Only that many have loved to flaunt it over the centuries and therefore it does odience, but up to a certain point. Because then it becomes disrespect towards your country where 80% of people don’t even know how to make ends meet. But what the heck, here we are talking about Love not about economic or ethical morals. They still do charity to pay less taxes, right? What are we complaining about? Then all en masse to share our love everywhere, how and when without actually living it. But who cares, we have to show it.

What is Love?

Yes, what is love then? Indeed, it is such a personal feeling that it is impossible to judge, explain, interpret. None of us are able to point the finger at them, none of us are able to explain it exactly to the world. But this is a blog, my blog, so I’ll tell you about my love at the time of the Ferragnez.

My love 2.0 at the time of Fedez and Chiara Ferragni

The more times change and go in the direction of sharing, the more I have realized how much Love tends to protect and hide it. On me it can be said that the Ferragnez have had the opposite effect.

Love today should be protected and not thrown at the mercy of the globe.

That, as in the case of the Ferragnez, given the subjects, it is obvious no one will believe him and give him on. Then, oh well, let’s overlook the fact that life has taught us how much in those environments it will end up in economic wars and the children will lose as always. I instill that little bit of hope that we have left in believing in love and romance, why not pour it out on them? What’s wrong?

Will the Ferragnez love last?

Fedez and Chiara Ferragni meme.

And who can tell? Maybe yes, maybe not, but in the meantime there is. Marketing choice or not. In my opinion it will last only if they know how to really love each other and deeply even with the spotlight off when the routine creeps in. Because that is inevitable for everyone. From the stars to the stables.

And I? What about us? Going to last? I don’t know this. The ring came to me around my dog’s neck while I was watching TV in overalls on the sofa and the request on a post-it note found in bed as soon as I woke up after he had already left for work. Probably the divorce will be communicated to me via WhatsApp before being blocked.
But we are not rich and not romantic at all, we do not do text, but you know what I tell you? Which is perhaps the glue that holds us together. In the routine of a relationship, adolescent fuss passes and the desire to shout it to the world vanishes but true LOVE does not. What then at the end of the fair only that counts. Money, fame, envy, people’s comments or Ferragni’s ugly feet don’t count. Only love, the happiness of both of you and mutual respect. So dear Ferragnez in any way it will end many wishes and children who in addition to saying “Hello Raga” or “Hi guys” we hope they are not called Raviolo or look like Rovazzi. Because at least that spare us that here now we have to think about how to deal with the most burly marriage in history. But we love you all the same. Each of us in our own way. And tell it too that you are fine too and it is convenient as well.

Love at the time of the Ferragnez.

Love at the time of the Ferragnez.

Fedez meme.

Chiara Ferragni meme.

Credits: Meme about Ferragnez by people of the web and  Twitter.

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