About Luna: a nerd who writes about fashion and lifestyle

by fashionsnobber

Have not I introduced myself yet?
You’re right, but I confess I’m really bad so I will be very didactic.

Who is Luna?

Illustrazione caricatura Luna alias Fashion Snobber.

First name Luna Andrea, born in 1982, thoroughbred from Milan and I studied at the European Institute of Design in Milan. I divide myself between the big city and the Tuscan countryside. Mother of an 8-year-old little brat (Spruchetto di Sole), wife of a man who is truly patient in putting up with me and the owner of a miniature Schnauzer and a Siberian Neva Masquerade cat. After doing mom, wife and pet-sitter full-time freelance work as graphic and web designer, web content editor, SEO specialist, especially for blogs. I train future professional bloggers by teaching them step by step how to create and manage a blog on their own starting from scratch. Skills learned in more than 10 years spent between training and field practice starting in 2006 with my first blog, now focused on graphics, and definitively evolving into Fashion Snobber in which I enclose everything that belongs to me. In essence, a nerd who writes about fashion and lifestyle a little here and a little there.

Deeply unsociable and overly sociable. A #like for all but a #follow for a few


Responsible for what I publish but not for what people want to understand us.
A lover of detail, I declared war on photos too posing as mannequins, half-naked, and on close-ups with a “chicken’s face”. In my opinion, in fashion and in life it is the details, highlighted and exalted artfully, that make the difference.
I never take myself seriously and never will, interpret every shot of mine with lightness, irony and a slight tease that I will try to accentuate with the contents. Maybe you will see me in a little black dress on a tractor or dressed autumn in a peach orchard in bloom (Yes, I did), or, simply, in front of the house wall in poses that are anything but fashionable. This is my idea to talk to you about fashion. No need to pretend to be a model when you are not (it is a moment to fall into the ridiculous, let those who know how to do that job), to enhance a dress you have to wear it spontaneously and be natural, always remain yourself.

Aware of my style but not your taste


There are only a few things that I will never get tired of, of course, after fashion: the coffee I am addicted to, the macarons of Ladurée and only those, the white tulips, the dandelions, the blue Tiffany, the graphics, photography (flat lay forever), the superheroes Marvel and not, Sailor Moon, Apple, Paris and Milan. For the rest, everything can always change.
I don’t have much to offer you in character…
A little irritability, touchiness how much you want, jealousy more than necessary, a pinch of paranoia, immense fragility and a lot of love…
Of the truest.
Anything else about me?
Well, don’t believe what they tell you…
In reality they are much worse.
Now it’s up to you, take it or leave it…

Firma Luna.

Luna Sailor Moon.

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